1. Nice Brent. Love the video. So much going on. Were you wearing boots when you stepped into the pond? I see from one of the comments below that you lived in Upstate New York for a couple of years. I hail from Buffalo. Where did you live up there?

  2. You are always very busy doing something. Sorry to see the old Greenhouse go. $600.? That was a great price! I'm excited to see the new one. Expanding the no-weed garden? Sounds like that has been good for you. I loved how you walked us right into the water! Going to bury your collection reservoir? WOW That is going to be neat. Aren't you worried about flooding? I guess if it's contained… I'm growing a bunch of peppers this year. Started 5 kinds of Tomatoes for my Dad and my brother. Hope its a great growing season for all of us! Be sure to film all of your neat ideas! Much Love 🙂

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