1. Hello R on Vevo, this video from published 2011 may be the other released. This was not her in a forest seeing. In fact, this version seems a bit underground for regular viewers. The lesson is not good for what she found. Elle for just dance

  2. Has anyone ever felt this in this era with no drugs no alcohol n still has trill the fuck up part it’s hard to forget it u remember to much drugs would of had erase a lot o well memories and moments are the only thing we take to our grave live with no regrets keep moving forward and be happy with yourself first happiness attracts happiness

  3. Yup so true that what drugs do to u. In the end one person leave cuz she knows it's not good! It's either stay there and stuck in mud or leave and get out of the mud that make u sticks. Drugs ruin lives πŸ˜₯

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