1. You're doing well with all these funny things. What about you step it up and include some subjects concerning us like legalising marijuana or childcare. All these fucking politicians didn't talk about them in NSW elections and I bet you they won't do it in federal elections as well.

  2. These are my WTF moments of 2018
    No.1 The Bunnings controversy
    No.2 #Change the Channel
    No.3 YouTube Rewind 2018
    No.4 the strawberry scandal
    No.5 the spy who dumped me
    No.6 the tide pod challenge
    No.7 the fires of Tarthra
    No.8 Scott McLaughlin winning the V8 season
    No.9 Craig Lowndes announcing his retirement
    No.10 the Thai cave rescues

  3. We are in a grand solar minimum sense 2007-2008. Global temperatures have decreased and we have had record gains of ice come back over the past few winters in the north and south poles. The fires in California are a direct result of really bad environmental policies from the left saying we need to stop doing anything to nature to impact it. The stopped controlled burns, they stopped collecting old dying or dead trees for fire wood over ten years ago. So it was only a matter of time before it all went up in flames. The drought was definitely manufactured and they also have let billions of gallons of rain water flow back to sea instead of creating and maintaining current resivours. It’s also illegal to collect and store rain water on private property without the proper permits and it actually might be completely outlawed.

  4. I actually a agree, as an expert on culinary architecture I can easily see how the structural integrity of bread is of paramount importance when establishing a bread/meat/onion/sauce combo, while a bread/onion/sauce/meat combination is considered dangerously irresponsible due to how it introduces instability issues to the bottom layers. The heaviest component is the meat that could push right through the previously compromised ground layers causing the whole structure to collapse under its own weight. It’s a fundamentally flawed recipe that should not be attempted without a full pack of emergency napkins within close range.

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