Over-watering Cannabis Plants: Diagnosis & Prevention

Today – over watering your marijuana plants; a far more common problem than under-watering in the world of plant care. How it happens, how to diagnose it and …


  1. Better way to get water out of drainage container… use an oil transfer pump very cheap online.. or a oil/liquid extraction bottle pump bit more expensive but you complete the task quicker.

  2. I've always used 5 gal buckets
    with soil suspended in a pillow
    case & always watered with a spray bottle. Never, ever had a
    mold problem. 6xT5 fluorescent with Gro Bulbs suspended from ceiling with
    pulleys & cleats in wall to keep
    height at 18 inches from top &
    of course using timers for fans & lights. Vegetation growth was impressive w sometimes 11/13 leaves per
    frond ( white widow ) had to
    FIM & carefully prune to unblock light. PEACE.

  3. Woke up this morning and my week old plants just showed signs of leaves dropping. I fed her last Friday morning. Just about .5 oz of ph water. I mean just a splash. She is in rock wool but it seemed dry before I watered her. Will she bounce back?

  4. Sometimes you can be overwatering plants from a young age but you get away with it because the roots arent established. Eventually if your overwatering it will hit your plants all of a sudden and you will be confused, this is why

  5. Im having this trouble right now with a seedling. This grow was to be something different a budget grow…I started with using organic dirt no additives or fertilizers. Upon going this method I ran into different problems.

    The main problem was drainage I noticed the first time I watered the soil a day before planting the seed dirt would take minutes to properly drain out. So the next day I added a 20:80 ratio of perlite to soil. A bit lighter than I wanted but I was not going to buy extra perlite so I added about a pinch of sand. Drainage improved drastically. So I planted the seedling the next day and all was good… or so I thought.

    6 days into the plants growth and it has been stunted approximately when it was about to grow its second set of razor like leaves. There is no discoloration in leaves the plant otherwise looks healthy but it hasnt grown from then to its current day which is now 10 so for 4 days I didnt see any growth or devlopement on the leaves. During those 4 days I didnt water the plant, I was initially watering every 2 days lightly just after the first inch of soil dried out. Well during those 4 days I let the soil dry out the plant was limped because the soil at the top of the pot was too loose to support it. I watered lightly again and made sure the soil firmly holds the plant.

    Some things I noticed however is the perlite I added eventhough it wasnt enough and I had mixed it evenly before planting the seed all the perlite is at the top of the pot for the most part instead of being mixed all around like I had done so. Second I noticed the dirt would dry up everywhere except near the roots where I planted the plant. Now what I desire to do is the transplant the plant into another pot with a better soil to perlite ratio. Only problem is right now if i do it the plant will die my best option wouod be to just leave it there and hope the soil in the middle can dry fast enough almost to the same pace the soil all around does.

  6. …….PLEASE READ…… so your plants are over watered . that mean they cant get oxygen so they can breath ……so help them breath ……poke holes in your soil and have fresh air coming in tent or maybe a fan would work but fresh air is better……. just help them breath …..thank me later ….also lose up the top of soil by running your fingers threw it . also throw your plastic pot away …i know you using plastic because you have bad drainage . but buy smart pots to help you control your drainage issue thank me later

  7. No disrespect, but this info isn't particularly useful. If you're serious about getting things right, i'd recommend that you check-out the grow boss's channel. I came here for help diagnosing a problem, but the info only lead me astray.

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