Official White Runtz Review • JOKES UP! • Best Weed Strain 2019

Official White Runtz Review • Pink Runtz White Runtz Runtz OG Gruntz Jokes Up DM @YONWORLD on IG Michigan Caregiver …


  1. My people where talking about this new strain. Been off social media for a min. Looked it up and ur page popped up. Now see u and going to fuck with u. Keep doing ur thang. Detroit Grow Room .

  2. Watched ur video on explaining the weed game and packaging a product. Its 80 %hype now a days . Really it starts with the strain then ur environment from there .I don't care where ur from if u know ur genetics , then setting up ur room wright then u can smoke with the best of them ….. Detroit Grow Game ….

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  4. Runtz doesn't look like that 😭 i mean shit jokes up n allat but tha looked a little bit over due expired type i can be wrong but they known 4k tha shit n runtz looks way healthier .

  5. nothing but over priced gelato. I cant stand all the packaged weed now a days they make it look pretty get s rapper to endorse it and shoot the price through the roof like its 2007 smh 🤦🏾‍♂️. I just want fire tree. some good og or granddaddy or cooks i don’t give a damn if it’s packaged all cool. it’s just another strain out of thousands and eventually millions in the future ther will be sooooo many dif strains and a pretty package doesn’t make it any better

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