Mon, Mar 18: Liberal Media vs Jesse! Christian Massacres Ignored by MSM; Judge Jeanine vs Ilhan Omar

Mon, Mar 18 Hour 1: Liberal Media vs. Jesse! | 1) Right Wing Watch and News Week published two articles last week attacking Jesse’s statements on what …


  1. 2:16:00 ms brown says judge Jeanine was fear mongering????
    But judge Jeanine said there are those are are trying to silence us
    There are those who are trying to take us out
    Didn't they silence her?
    Didn't they shut her down?
    Shut yo mouf ms brown!

  2. Rightwingwatch articles about Jesse written by a “Kyle”..figures…where the next “one”..just more J words upset because they want blacks attacking and eliminating whites

  3. Ireland didn't vote that homosexual in he was put in by ((them))in Brussels he is thick as a plank and I for one was cringeing and embarrassed looking at him marching front row at the st.patricks parade he is not a real irish man.!!

  4. America may be the most free nation on this planet, but never misconstrue it with actual freedom . "My kingdom is not of this earth… do not lay up your treasure (capital) here" (Jesus) We are behind enemy lines. Capitalism is an "ism" Jesse and although it may be the best in this bad (fallen state) temporal situation please stop over selling it brother. No one can reasonably make an effective argument for Jesus being a capitalist so repent and have a teachable spirit… still love you though.

  5. What the Prime Minister did,New Zealand was disgusting. Seeing him and going to hug was a painful thing. I have never seen such a thing happen when a Christian dies and they die a lot more by hands of Islamists…

  6. I'm Irish that gay muslim wasn't elected in Ireland his party had a different leader whl stepped down and he was voted by party members to take his place. The Irish pelple did not elect that guy.

  7. Give em truth Jesse don't ever stop,just chill with trump being the savior of America, he's a Jesuit controlled puppet so even if he has positive impact on some issues he will keep the new world order plans as is and on schedule. besides that you are kickin tail and it is appreciated.

  8. Mr. Peterson, you are soo right, i have been posting about Christian lives been of no importance; muslims have been killing torturing Christians for as long as i can remember. During Obama administration many attacks were comitted by muslim terrorists in and out of our country and the fake news never give the same indignation to the crimes against Christians!! Absolutely disgusting!

  9. 1:41:05 Quinton, well, he nice. BETA! Correct me if I'm wrong here, but if we were back in Quinton's version of "the good ol' days", logically speaking, if they were going to hang Jesse, wouldn't they do the same to Quinton because of the color of his skin? I mean, since he thinks whites hated blacks. He was such kindred spirit.

  10. Everybody is treated better then white people. Especially white men. But it's a;right. We can handle their evil and hate. Their evil and hate that is pushed on white people is being saved up to be poured out on their own heads.

  11. I like most of what he says. Only thing that makes zero sense to me is when he says that racism never existed. I’m like WTF?!? How does he determine this. I would love for him to expound on that one.

  12. Don't think. Thoughts are bad. And Pharisee means what I want it to mean, not what it actually means, which is a member of a strict Jewish sect. Come on dude. You can't interpret shit to mean whatever you want.

  13. at first i used to think jesse was silly. I still think jesse is silly but there is sooooo much truth in what he says. its a blessing to get down to the bare bones of life which is black and white, truth and lies. My husband and i both listen.

  14. 40:00, I disagree. I would never tell someone not to get their GED or diploma. That's very important thing to have. More important than a degree in most cases. Kid, finish school also get a honest job… Hustle.

  15. I am an Ex-Philosopher and Ive been trying to distill the JLP Program:

    1) The Imperative (or the thing you tell yourself fifty, five hundred times a day, always all the time) do not have anger, and do not judge.
    2) Practice: Being Aware (prayer), not holding onto thoughts, not believing them, letting them pass.
    3) Know: that your mind is with God

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