1. Yoooo. Noooooo. It’s more expensive than $10. Anddddd I took half of what he took and was gone ! Took a whole one and I was lit for like a solid 24 hrs. And I smoke daily

  2. Edible dosing varies so much based on your body. 100mg and I’m gone. Start slow kids, very different high than smoking. Very different and longer

  3. Glad didn't buy this! Subscribing and saving me money thanks! Recommend me an edible thats worth it bro? The kind that we will make me buy again? I been smoking for 15 years dabing and now vaping never really got into edibles until few days ago, so far is been okay, But not great even on an empty stomach their mild. I tried "lol" brand sucked and budas best is okay.

  4. Man I do wtf you talking about these are great maybe you gotta take breaks before trying more stuff cause half of one of the gummies knocked a girl on her back in the middle of barns and nobles

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