1. WOW… This is what the truth movement has come to… Getting baked, drinking, doing drugs, cursing God's name, swearing on air..
    You got young people that watch this.
    -Dan Bidondi

  2. It's pure stupidity to do DMT and those are NOT spirit guides. Those are fallen angels and demonic spirits.

    Anyone who does DMT and claims to speak the truth is dumb, sorry…

  3. This guy devoted over 20years of his life trying to uncover the goverment lies . He may not be right but he has a good heart 90% of the things people believe is from the government it gets to the point where you have to take the shades off and lool for the truth yourself

  4. Search for "Alex Jones" on Youtube and filter the results by last hour, today, this week, this month, and this year.
    Notice that the results don't change? So much for Google not censoring search results. Just shows they're very afraid of the info Alex puts out so they have to show a bunch of hit pieces at the top of the results to try to discredit him.

  5. Alex Jones: People should question things.
    OK, so far so good.
    Alex Jones: I shouldn't have promulgated a wild theory that hurt people.
    OK, wait for it….
    Alex Jone: Top Soccer teams are infested with brain worms.
    Ooops, couldn't go five minutes without parroting some wild made up story!

    See, that's your problem: You're not sorry you fucked up, you're sorry you got caught.

  6. What a puppet show! They’re both two sides of the same coin trying to get y’all to disagree with each other and create more conflict and disharmony in the world. Dare to think!

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