Joanne's Story – Beating Cancer using Cannabis Oil

Joanne Crowther telling her story about her battle with cancer and using Rick Simpson’s Cannabis oil


  1. Funny thing is she knew about Rick Simpson oil and still decided to do surgery chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and only when she realised doctors can't help her decided to use Rick Simpson oil. And it's very similar with others. This is how dumb people are.

  2. Wow she went through pure hell doing Chemo and radiation ( both cancer causes) I bet 100000 bucks had she had none of that and just did RSO she'd be much better today, Chemo killed her vital organs. Never do Radiation to cure cancer.. really thats so stupid it is like moving to Chernobol in order to cure cancer..silly

  3. I started to wake up to this in 2006. Yes it is sad to see my own country Australia now for many decades undergoing destiny altering changes without the say of the people. Most can see this too but are just content to have their car, mortgage, big tv and surf.

  4. If your plant was male then eat the pollen! Even though it is low in thc that's not the only cannabinoid present. In fact cbd has something like 3 times the therapeutic benefits of thc and is non psychoactive so I don't really know why people aren't using hemp oil high in cbd.

  5. As well as doing the oil you should set out on a detoxification protocol like the naturopathist Robert Morse specializes in. He's on youtube and has a clinic in Florida.

  6. You should also look up Robert Morse ND on youtube. His protocol is all about going back to the food designed for humans and using specific herbs for your weaknesses to reverse the actual cause of the cancer, ie. lymphatic stagnation. This protocol would just enhance what the hemp oil is doing.

  7. After speaking with several people using the oil, they say you have to work your way up to 1/3 of a gram 3 times a day (1 gram a day). It will take a month or two to be able to work your way up to that amount as the oil is strong. After working your way through 60 grams (might have been 90?) the cancer should be completely gone. Hope this helps

  8. Got 6 grams of cannabisoil to start wth unfortunately my plant turned out a male so gonna start wth this and juicing fruits and veggies. I think they want us ill thts why they conterminate food water and air. Depopulationprogramms maybe??

  9. Thinking of getting/growing a pound of quality indica just to stash away so when I inevitably get cancer I can make cannabis oil and cure myself. Statistics show that 1 out of 2 will get cancer in America sometime in their lifetime! That is just ridiculous and should not be simply tolerated or accepted. Something evil is causing it. Find out what it is and stop it. Until then we cure ourselves.

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