Inside a Home DMT Lab Run by A Chemistry Teacher

VICE visits a homemade DMT lab in the heart of London and sees how the product is made. Splitting his time between teaching chemistry and making DMT, …


  1. Thanks for teaching us this 'educational video' and letting the whole world know how to make DMT efficiently. =p lmao. Very interesting nonetheless, this is one of the VERY FEW drugs I haven't experienced yet…

  2. It’s definitely a life changing experience in a good way, just don’t get stuck in purgatory because you can’t release the full amount when you die to make it to the other side.

  3. DMT is not dangerous because it is a illegal drug. It is not physically harmful nor addictive. IT IS NOT A RECREATIONAL DRUG. IT IS A EXPERIENCE OF SUPREME AND SUDDEN REALIZATION. It is dangerous because you may not be prepared what it can show you.

  4. I’ve seen someone who made deemz themselves and let me tell you, mr chemistry teacher is using FAR from ideal chemicals for this extraction and I would absolute never touch what he produced 💀 as soon as he used the zippo fluid instead of real naptha. Bros gonna die
    Edit: fuck and all the plastic jugs full of solvent come on might as well smoke some pcp at this point with all the chems you’re putting into your product.

  5. Pharmaceuticals follow the reaction of all street drugs,they may even introduce the drug out there as a trial.When a drug becomes popular like special K or ecstasy it becomes legal under another name.More psychedelic drugs will be coming!

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