INSANE LUXURY Chinese Seafood – $300 HUGE Chinese Seafood FEAST – LOBSTER, ABALONE, EEL, and CAVIAR!

Check out for 3 months free w/ 1 year pack and 49% OFF! The World’s THINNEST Noodle is in Chengdu, China!


  1. BRAND NEW CHILI OIL 4 LIFE MERCH is HERE! Check it out: ► I hope you enjoy this LUXURY Sichuan Food video! This is different from our regular Sichuan street food tours, but so magical as well! Master Chef Lan brought us into his kitchen to see his amazing LUXURY Sichuan dishes! There is so much delicious food in this video, so make sure to watch until the end to enjoy it all! Please let me know what you thought of this video in the comments below. We decided to visit a nice restaurant like this to round out the Chengdu food guide on my website: This will give you more options for when you visit! Thanks so much for watching and being a part of the Foodrangin community! I hope you’re doing well!!!

  2. i loveee how passionate and proud the chef looks every time he describes a dish, a cooking method, or when hes cooking. hes truly in love with his craft and its incredible to watch.

  3. Hey man. First, I really want to eat at that restaurant. It's on my list. Second, I'm really impressed by the way you've built your brand and business all about food and travel. You're among the best at that gig. Congratulations.

  4. You need to stop taking stupidly large bites and shoving food into your mouth so it's filled up – that's just gross and ridiculous when you are trying to enjoy and savor food – especially expensive meals with smaller portions.

  5. You’re a lucky guy! I’d love to tour food and countries. You know the language so well, and it seems like it gets a lot of respect from the Chinese. Also, this episode made me really hungry for authentic Chinese food.

  6. ахуенно когда ты русский
    смотришь американский видос
    и понимаешь что говорят китайцы

  7. I love seeing the food, but I can't help but notice the hospitality and good will you receive from all the people you encounter. It supports my premise that the majority of all humanity is made up of good people with good hearts. Your videos really compliment the places you travel.

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