How to Prune a Blueberry Bush for a Larger Harvest

Learn how to prune a blueberry bush for a larger harvest. I walk you through pruning blueberries, no matter if you’re pruning a young blueberry bush or you’re …


  1. Are you growing blueberries, did this pruning info help out and of course, your favorite recipe to put those blueberries in (cause that's why we grow all our own food, the delicious eating!)

  2. Super informative and great video. As always, I learn so much from your videos. I do have one thing to ask though. Can you please nix the music while you're talking? I have an auditory processing disorder that is pretty common, so I'm sure I'm not the only one affected. The music makes it really difficult to concentrate on what you're saying. I had to replay a few spots several times before I gave up and put on subtitles, but subtitles on YouTube are notorious for being wrong. Itd be much easier to hear you without the music. Thanks a bunch 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing! I'm new to pruning and love to watch how easy it looks. In my opinion, the background music is unnecessary. For me, it takes away from being able to focus on what you are saying. I hope this comes across helpful and not critical.

  4. Yay! Thanks for this informational video…the yay because I just pruned my blueberries last week (about 11 year old bushes and they tower over me) and really kinda winged it…I thought it seemed a bit tedious, because I took a lot of time to thoughtfully go over each bush and each branch, cutting out the obvious dead wood and then going over each individual remaining branch and pruning off tips and stems that were dead or sad looking. These blueberry bushes were on the property when we bought it, and they were about 4 years old then. I had seen a decline in production over the years, so I went pretty hard on the cuts this year, even lopping off much of what was healthy grow, but up at about 8 feet. Since I can't harvest anything up that high and I thought those longer stretches of growth might be what are zapping production energy out of the bushes, most of them got a good cut (I left a few taller ones, since I know the birds come around and grab what I can't reach – nothing goes to waste!).

    So, again, thanks for the visual of what and how to do. Turns out that for the most part, intuition led me in a good direction. Now, if only I can get over my fear of "cutting too much"! I know it's healthier for the plants and things come back more vigorous and lush with growth…but boy, does it make me shake in my boots! 🙂

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