Hicksford Farms Oklahoma – Commercial Medical Cannabis Grow Facility – Harvesting the Optic 8 Room

This is an educational documentary about legal Medical Cannabis production in the state of Oklahoma. Hicksford farms is legally licensed as a commercial …


  1. Another 👍 they were nice to let you record in there I would not let people into a grow space like that. They could bring in gnats or mites that would really suck. Those lights are doing a super job.

  2. Bro I’m feelin a lil jelly. Lol just to be able to be where you are and experience it in person would be a dream come true.. I would love to be able to work with some of these ppl to soak up all the knowledge and tips and tricks they know and have. One day hopefully I’ll be in the profession I always wanted to be in. 🤞 lol

  3. Very nice to see Oklahoma has there act together. Wish Arkansas would do the same it's only been 2 1/2 years since we voted in in,and still absolutely nothing!!

  4. love seeing all those Optic 8's shinning the light down. When can we buy stock in Optic LED : ) Seriously though, it's awesome to see Optic LED in a commercial setting, and it's just the beginning.
    Cheers Bro, enjoy your time in Oklahoma.

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