1. Publix is awesome! I went there all the time as a baby/toddler 1974-1978! My mom used to collect stamps there, and got a bunch of silverware and plates and stuff, and we all still use them!
    I have hEDS, acromegaly, other endocrine problems, and had three types of cancer. I've been enjoying your channel! (I found you through Izzy's channel!) Thanks so much for posting these!

  2. I definitely know the feeling of saying goodbye to long distance friends 😭, I have two and one of them lives in Jacksonville. It kills me everytime we part ways but like you said….it just means that well see each other again <3.

  3. I’m way behind in episodes but no matter. Easily catch-up. I watched videos of Izzy n Jaquie together!😘😘. Jaquie and IZZY, it truly was a magical time for you both:
    Lotsa love, 😘
    lotsa happiness, 🥳
    Big smiles, 😁
    Lotsa Girl Giggling!😂🤣👍🏼

    We’re all so HAPPY for your FRIENDSHIP 🦋🦋 🙏🏼

  4. I'm glad you guys had so much fun together, that's great. When you showed the train I was like "I love trains!" Lol we don't have trains in Newfoundland sadly. Also, it's so good that you don't feel like a burden to Judd. With my mental illnesses, I have days where I feel like a burden to my fiance. He says I'm not, but there are days that I can't help but feel that way. I need to remind myself that I can't help it that I'm sick, it's not my fault, plus I bring lots to this relationship.

  5. I'm so happy you got to spend time together! Having friends who really understand your situation is really nice. I have a chronic illnesses friend who lives in Sweden. We send each other Christmas gifts each year and message each other often. I hope to meet her one day.

  6. I’ve been wanting to comment on these vids for days! But I was struck down by pneumonia & a flare #sjogren’swarrior and couldn’t find any spare spoons to post. Held on to one today!!

    I thought your guy’s trip & visit was absolutely epic! I know how it is to finally meet an internet friend after a long time of talking. That’s my co-author who’ve I’ve written with for about 20yrs now. She lives in Indiana & I, of course, live in Central Florida. However, I would love to have a chronic illness buddy for support & understanding as well as fun outings – probably to Disney as well. 😉 😝

    I’m actually going to Orlando the 2nd weekend of April with my besties, one of which lives in Orlando & works for Disney. Another time is in mid-June to visit that same bestie in Orlando to do a proper, touristy Disney vacation. Honestly, I would love to meet up with ya’ll at Disney! That’d be amaze balls! I’ve watched your vids on doing Disney while disabled & all of the little tricks, but I have a bad memory (yay brain fog) & a more visual/doing type of learning personality.

    You teach me Disney tricks & I could teach and discuss what I know about Cannabis. 👍🏻 😂

    I loved watching the two of you come together as friends & separated as soul-sisters. There’s the family you’re born in & the one you make. Often, the one you make, is stronger.

  7. I love Publix too! It's even turned into the pick up place here in Miami. Hahaha! I take my Seizure alert service dog with me and one person actually asked me for my dog's number! I couldn't stop laughing (Sam the Siberian was not amused)!

  8. I know the feeling, I have a friend I met online who lives in Orlando and I live in Montreal, we’ve been friends for about 4 years. I was in Orlando for a few days last spring but only got to see her for a day, leaving was so sad 😔

  9. I recently was diagnosed with gastroparesis myself. My Nurse practitioner refused to help me and put me on a low-fat diet and a pill that doesn't even help with the symptoms. Now it's flaring up – the last few weeks? Can't remember. weeks feel like months when you have this disease.

  10. I am from Chicago but moved to California six years ago. I am going back to Chicago to then drive to Wisconsin to get a golden puppy to train as my service dog because I also have EDS and some other mental illnesses like anxiety and PTSD. I had to buy like a new wardrobe because I don’t have anything for cold weather 😂

  11. Trains in the US are not that bad from research I have done. My son us a huge fan of trains. When we can go to Florida to go to Disney, I told him I'd see about he and I riding the train their and meeting up with his dad and sisters after we get there. I don't think his sisters would like the experience as much as he and I would. Hopefully in the next two years we will be able to afford to go to Disney. We plan to go during the Mardi Grai holidays here in Louisiana as the kids and hubbie get a week off of school then.

  12. Glad you could get together and had an awesome time Sad to see Izzy go… love your videos they help me on bad days and good ones!! Thanks you all so much for letting us into your lives and not to forget Judd and Harlow too!

  13. I'm from New York and have been to Boca on vacation so many times. I love it there. It's sad that Izzy's leaving but you guys are so good together. I know you'll see each other again in the not too distant future. It was so enjoyable watching the videos that you posted during her visit.

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