Growing CBD Dominant CANNABIS STRAINS Overview

Today on Lex’s World we discuss growing CBD-rich Cannabis and what are the basics you needs to know before you get into it. YOU can help me LOTS by …


  1. Hey, I have a female plant recently starting to flower and I would like to know if there’s anyway I can make it produce seeds without crossing it with another strain?

  2. Amazing info, and perfect timing as I'm looking for a high CBD strain.
    Funny how the times have changed. 10 years ago you would never hear of people looking for less THC and more CBD… hell 10 years ago most people wouldn't even know what CBD was! Haha

  3. iv been growing some CBD 1:1 autoflowers and while i find the product very tasty and just what i want I do find the strain very temperamental and i get very small stunted as well as big happy ladys, as well as a high mutation factor it seems, i think its all very new still and alot are still beta testing if u will.

  4. Thanks for sharing, I have few ppl asking me about them. I hadn't ever grown cbd strains in all my 17 yrs of growing but I had thought about trying to to help some friends.
    Much love β™‘
    Cheers! : )

  5. Harle tsu from California is one of the best high CBD plants. Thanks for the info Lex. I have five of these growing and they are beautiful.

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