1. Edible story .When i was 17 i moved to Lansing mi for a summer. I met a collage kid named Smokey. He smoked me out a few times. Back then 1 small puff of weed would be like a shroom trip for me literally give me mild visual and body high. Literally had no tolerance. Long story short he gave me a gummy bear the size of my palm. Smokey tells me to eat it..the whole thing. I ate it and it read 1000mg. I literally was not able to talk. Laid on my bed until he made me watch a show. He invites these girls over and i knew one chick from school and literally couldn't say hey whats up. Those edibles will literally put you out of this world.

  2. Idk looks like legalization has nothing good to it :/ i mean just look at how many plastic they use for such a little cookie man thats insane and the weed packaging we dont even need to talk about

    But anyways good vid as always๐Ÿ‘

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