1. Drug dealers,
    This is for your audience , people, don't listen to this dirty money makers.
    Hemp and marijuana are grown for different uses, and therefore require different growing conditions.
    Hemp concentrations of THC is extremely low, it won't give the high and tall, fast growing plants optimized for higher stalk harvests, the use is for clothing and many other materials and foods.
    Hemp plant produces more CDB.

    Marijuana is a addicting drug that makes numb and stupid. It separates users from reality. It does give the high.

  2. I want to lift you up to the highest high of GRATITUDE! Thank you for sharing this, it is giving faith when so needed! You are so very hugely Admired for your generosity and faith and success!

  3. It is not that the pharmaceutical companies r greedy. It is that with all the money that get donated for cancer research ONLY 2% goes to research stage 4 cancer. I guess they think we are gonna die, why cure them. 🙁 🙁

  4. Legalize Cannabis For Cats! (Beer for dogs?)
    Look up the comp. animation of how Cannabis compounds plug into cancer cells and order them to die; while making healthy cells happy – a truly intelligent molecule?

  5. I should have push my mom to use RSO or she would still be alive and I don't have deal with this depression for over a year a half.

    Congratulation on your way to getting healthy!

  6. Thank you for sharing – this is incredible stuff. what else where you doing Cira, have you got any more information somewhere ??? Am also a stage 4 bc using the oil and doing well also

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