1. Cool co2 many years ago in a land far far away i grew hid and hps bulbs were the new boys on the block lol so in the winter my girls almost stopped or slowed way down the answer was givein to me by bill nye the seciance guy plants gotta have it but how to get it explored dry ice what a pain in butt so on tv come bill nye the science guy saved the whole thing bakeing soda with a viniger drip dont take much either from that further research in my room the most important time for them to have it the first 4 hours the lights are on thats seat of the pants growing

  2. My first grow i followed how u did it but using only 150W and an a 45W light i learned alot more so i know my next grow will yield more good info Cali Green!

  3. Hauling tanks is a pain but they actually do the job and can keep your rooms locked down at an exact ppm. Bags and bottles are the equivalent of an expensive lucky rabbits foot.

  4. The Enhancer is a soda bottle with water,sugar,yeast and sometimes back in soda…I'm starting to see a salesman here. At least sell something that is not a huge rip off! I left a link on your last video explaining how to make the Enhancer for cents! I went through this with the grow boss,boy was he pissed!

  5. Im going to clarify what i mean everything like i said is home made and each item can be made for around 50.00 each…. i have a light system of 100 watt 26 watt outabout 24 cfl lights on two racks… this should produce enough light… on the walls i have three fans the circulation of two is circled while the third is pointed down… i have a co2 generator home made hanging on the wall about maybe a foot above the plants cause co2 is heavy… i have a fan blowing in and a carbon filter blowing out (exhausting into dry room)… i also have a humidifier and a rotating heater to keep the temperature evenly spread… now thats the grow room on the otherside i have the exhaust from the grow room exhausting into the bottom of the dry room above that i would cut a hole into the wall to put a little air conditioner and set it for 65 degrees…i have a dehumidifier home made on one side of the dry room and a carbon filter in another corner ehausting out of the top into the attic the grow room and the dry room are fairly decent size but are next to each other but seperate from the open room area within that area i have a home made hippa filter filtering the air making it clean thus putting the good air back into both rooms in a continuous flow and everything is recycled and circular and is a good process from researching i believe what do you think? this is also why i said i was looking into solar power because i know it could generat alot of electricity to run

  6. also when researching dry ice can be a great source for co2 and you can get it by extracting it from a fire extinguisher and hanging a basket above your plants with a hay type basket and hanging it with a glass bowl inside to put ice and pour hot water into it thus expelling co2 into the atmosphere which i find might be pretty good to do

  7. got an idea what if… i have my carbon filter inside my grow room and exhausting the air into the dry room and another carbon filter in the dry room and another carbon filter going into the main room outside both rooms and placing a brand new air conditioner blowing into dry room to bring in fresh air and also in the main room i have my own homemade hippa air cleaner that way id have the best possible clean air for drying and growing… id have to give you a schematic of what im talking bout but if you follow this stops everything from being sent to an outside environment while also creating an environment of their own almost like bottle growing… what do you think?

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