1. My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer last month. I have been researching cancer for years now – I immediately started him on CBD oil and Apricot seeds. Goes back in November to see if his PSA numbers goes down. I've also been able to get him to cut back on his sugar / carb intake – but he is still having trouble doing this, so not cut out completely yet.

  2. My sister was diagnosed terrible skin cancer stage 3 A she was at the point of death,with cancer of the lungs until i sew and old classmate and she told me to contact Rick Simpson for cannabis oil i did because i call him that same day and i got my own wonderful hemp oil in 48hurs now my sister is back alive and i want you guys to contact them now for help details below he don,t know am doing God bless him for me.


    Email: [email protected]gmail.com

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  3. Does Jonas Valentine think,
    if we explain to evil and liars and falsehood spreaders, who do that for power, wealth, control of knowledge and getting an eventual world religious hitlerish empire, that is going to change them? Like if the link at the end of my post was sent to them it would change them?
    They would just continue to do what they have taught him to do, which is deny it all and give their talking points, which are now his talking points, why it's all lies, none facts and erroneous.
    Then we are just at a stalemate
    of he says she says as it were. And coming down to power and who has it, for what is disseminated ie indoctrinated to the public and whole world as the truth.
    And without a world republic/democracy
    it's going to be evil that rises to the top because of all the lies spread of not being able to live with each other. And to make sure that is the case, creating false flag or self down crises happening all over the world, to make sure it appears to be the case – that we cant live with each other and have to go to war with each other.
    Maneuvering people into a world religious hitlerish empire, instead of world republic/democracy gov't of civilized warfare, called elections.
    This is one of the major things that evil will never admit to like Jonas Valentine wouldn't admit to either, and like the non admittance of vit b17 as a cancer treatment..

  4. Here's another natural plant cure for cancer that the medical
    high priests and major follower Janos Valentine, don't want
    made known or help people now and decades ago. I wonder
    Please Janos Valentine tell us how it's all false, can't be true,
    is proven long ago to be false, nothing here to look at. You can
    do it. The medical high priests are counting on you.

    Well first, let's find out what the other major cancer fighting natural
    plant is.
    'Soursop: The Cancer Killer We Never Knew
    By Carly Fraser, Sept 29, 2012
    "Why have we not been aware of this natural medical treatment for cancer?
    The main reason is because pharmaceutical companies are presently
    reproducing several annonaceous acetogenins in the laboratory. Since you
    cannot patent natural chemicals, these companies are trying to
    re-create the chemical structure in order to make synthetic acetogenin
    that can be patented and marketed to its full potential. There is no
    money to be made for pharmaceutical companies when it comes to Mother
    Nature and her promising medicinal plants. Until this plant’s active
    ingredient can be patented in such a way that money can be made from it,
    these companies will not support or fund clinical studies that will
    help support and prove to a further extent, this plant’s miraculous
    effects against disease and illness. Nature is the cure, we are aware
    that this plant is powerful, so why not use it as a prevention and a
    cure, when it is available in full abundance? We don’t need a drug made
    from the plant, all we need is the plant itself (and I assure you that
    this drug will likely be FAR more expensive when it is developed, than
    the fruit itself)."

  5. The experiencer of vit b17, Felicity Corbin Wheeler,
    that the medical high priest which Janos Valentine goes
    along with for some reason, don't accept.
    So pontificating by medical high priests, that the follower
    Janos Valentine goes along with
    the experiencer Felicity Corbin Wheeler,
    that the pontificaters attribute to the placebo science effect
    they can't explain either, and don't want to.
    They're scientist after all, and only explain the sciences
    they want to explain, which doesn't include vit b17 science
    or the placebo science, they admit happens but don't really
    proclaim as a science, if psychical or mind over matter one.
    (Just use the escape key to get rid of the general email
    subscription option that pops up first at:)

  6. my brother… its all about the money… Very sad but very true… There ARE cures for MOST cancers, not ALL but MoST.. if theu let people get cured, they lose out on alot of money for needless treatments… thats why.. Pure and simple… Disgusting as it is money rules everything… That why you never hear of super rich people are really high ranking government officials such as world leaders presidents king and queen Emperor or whatever dying of cancer it's because they are able to have the care given to them whether they buy it or they have the power connections normal people do not therefore they are forced into chemotherapy or even if they can't afford that, just to sit and die

  7. My sister died of cancer and tried all of the medical industry cures! Spent millions on them!I lost my faith in the medical industry about the time I watched my sister go from a functioning And bright literate wonder to a paranoid, delusional, schizophrenic without any quality of life!I knew it was not cancer that did that to her but all the drugs she was on!By the time she died she looked like a skeleton. At the funeral my mother and brother in law Decided to have an open casket, just for family! I will never forget the look of her face, as Bad as she had looked before she passed was no indication of how she looked now.I was hysterical by the time I reached her coffin and was unable to stay in the room!i loved my sister with all my heart and now she looked like something out of a fucking Sci-if movie! I decided after that day I would never ever go to the "medical industry" for cancer treatment!I don't know if b17 can cure cancer or hemp oil but I do know that radiation and chemo caused My sister Lorraine more problems then the cancer did. I pray she is with God now though I Know she had no desire to leave her 3 year old son! She fought very hard to beat cancer with The best technology the 1990s had to offer and since then not much has changed!I had often wondered if the medical industry and elitist are suppressing some kind of cure!If you get sick or are sick I ask that you try everything to get better not just for you but For your loved ones! If they miss you half as much as I miss my sister they will never Recover!

  8. Kephler: look into the work of G. Edward Griffin's "A world Without Cancer", also the story of Sloan Kettering Institute employee Ralph Moss, PhD. who has a film called "Second Opinion",  there is also the work of Rick Simpson of backwoods Maccan, Nova Scotia and his little film "Run from the Cure" re hemp there is also the story of RA being cured by juicing green bud and then there is the old German doctor Max Gerson and his treatment via an intense dietary change, perhaps alkaline diet? dk… but they still may do this technique in Mexico.  The one that I find very fascinating is the story of Royal Raymond Rife, the film about him is "Royal Raymond Rife: the Rise and Fall of a Scientific genius"  There was also the Harry Hoxey treatment and Essiac tea based on an old Ojibway recipe..

    Long story short: it is all about money, power and control. IMO these "cures" are all just as good as anything that modern science has yet discovered and probably better. The system as it stands now makes billions of dollars in profit and they don't wanna kill the goose that lays those golden eggs. Good luck…

  9. Cannabis Oil doesn't cure cancer, nor does "B17" which isn't a Vitamin by the way, it's a form of cyanide actually.

    The confusion over Cannabis Oil is understandable as Cannabis products have many medicinal properties and are used in cancer treatments, and are a valuable tool in the recovery process of many people overcoming cancer. Cannabis products may even be effective at treating certain kinds of cancers.

    However it is not a cure, there is no "cure" for cancer and anyone claiming to have a "cure for cancer" doesn't even understand what cancer is. First you have to understand what cancer is, cancer is caused by mutations in cells within the host organism that cause the cells to malfunction and compete with the host. They often arise from stem cells, and in humans no fewer than 8 mutations are required in most people to get cancer, 8 separate mutations have to alter the functions of a cell to cause it to become a cancer.

    There are as many types of cancer as there are types of cells in your body, more in fact, and no one treatment works for all of them. Often specific treatments can be targeted against specific cancers and prove highly effective, but will not be as effective treating another type of cancer.

    There are many different countries with many different policies towards drugs and medicine, there are many different companies competing and many generic companies some of which get paid the same amount directly by the state no matter what they produce, so the idea that there's a conspiracy to suppress cancer cures is absurd. The entire world would have to be in on it.

    I understand that for many people it's hard to differentiate real science from pseudoscience, but the people promising you "cures" are peddling pseudoscience, many are outright frauds and fit the legal definition of quackery, and typically they are trying to scam you. Alternative Medicine is a multi-billion dollar industry and very unregulated. What most quacks who claim to have been suppressed or persecuted don't tell you is that their victims filed criminal charges and sought justice against them.

    You may ask "What's the harm". Ignoring the harm in being scammed, there is harm in fake medicine in general, if you need real science based treatments and don't get them because you're on fake medicine and trust quacks, you could die. Most people who get science based cancer treatment survive and make a recovery, with the most relevant factors being age, the type of cancer, and how quickly the cancer is identified and treated. If someone has cancer and waits to get treatment their chances are much worse.

  10. Doctors get their share of money from chemo prescriptions, simple as that.
    If they had to prescribe cannabis – not a cent in their pocket. Plus most of them have been brainwashed by the Big Farma.

  11. It's all about money, big pharma wants people to be sick so that they can make money by keeping the sick drugged up, governments, especially USA are already adding chemicals in our foods ( Monsanto) our crops, our water, skies and even the air we breath, they are purposely killing off our bees so that they don't pollinate for our food, they want us to eat contaminated crops….They know alright that cannabis oil is a cure but they seriously don't care….do your research and you will learn the truth.

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