Cannabis oil cancer cure ;Biochemist Dennis Hill interview with Natalie Mazurek part1

An in-depth interview with biochemist Dennis Hill. Dennis discusses how cannabis (marijuana) oil cured him of stage 3 prostate cancer and how the cure had …


  1. @Dennis H ill i was wondering what were the mg dosages of tocotrienols you used during treatment,i have found a source that recommends from 100mg to 300 mg per day but its pretty vague,is there a daily dosage limit?, we have 125mg and are unsure whether to use 2 tablets or 3 per day,@ 6 hour intervals?Thanks for your great articles on cancer treatment are truly some of the very best ive found online 🙂


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  3. Hi ! my husband was just diagnosed with terminal cancer, according to the oncologist there is no cure. I have read so much on the possibilities that mariguana oil could provide. I feel so lost though so much information but I need something as local as possible if anyone has information I really with my heart appreciate it. I'm in California and need someone that has experience and information of a serious provider.

  4. Hi, my dad was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and I am interested in getting some cannabis oil for him to try. I wanted to know about a term i often hear "decarboxylation" Some sites insist it is necessary for the oil to be an effective treatment. I also found one site that claims the oil must NOT be decarboxylated. Does anyone with chemical knowledge know what this means and which is best for the oil to work?

  5. +Dennis Hill , thank you for taking the time to read and respond. I am grateful. One last question if I may concerning your diet choice. Did you/Do you eat chicken, and which if not all fruits did you cut out of your diet in an effort to stay away from Natural Sugars

  6. Hi Sven, I emailed Dennis and hope he will reply to you.I really hope he's ok, lovely man, lots of respect for him.
    Dennis also teaches meditation and has written one or two books on the subject.
    I have a sneaking suspicion meditation is a contributing factor in his success with treating cancer.
    All to do with lowering the stress levels of the patient and letting go.
    My suspicion is based upon Dr Ian Gawler journey with cancer that stared 30 years ago or there abouts.
    Worth looking at his story.
    As far as I know, Dennis's cancer did return many years back due to using a NON DECARBOXYLATED oil, which was not effective treating the cancer.
    For info on decarboxylation: Google "Matt Sands Decarboxylation" face book page.

  7. Dennis, you did state in a blog that your cancer did return per biopsy, but you started back on cannabis oil, and your psa has stabilized.  Can you confirm this? It would also be helpful to those of us with prostate cancer, and those in the future, to post your biopsy reports and, if possible, to interview your urologist to confirm findings.  Thank you for all you've done to bring this alternative treatment to the fore.

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