Britain's Got Talent 2015 S09E01 Jade Scott performs before her Brother Calum Full Video

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  1. For everyone who are close minded, she is great, better than others perhaps but she was just disconnected to the song, it feels awkward listening for most of the parts. But she does have talent and a realllyyy great voice.

  2. You know her voice is very Very beautiful I would Of gave her that Red button and make her very Very pleased with herself because yeah I really enjoyed listening to her sing she Inspires me👌😍

  3. "you didn't really get into it" Yeah she didn't get chance Simon stopped her just as she got going her second song was incredible and I think she would've thrived if they had only given her the chance. So they can't say that as she didn't get chance to get into the song.

  4. ya, they can tell it wasn't great, but at least let her get half way to see how it goes.. he caught her off after 20 seconds or something… even if she still doesn't get thru, show someone respect to get half way thru.. or is this video edited to be shorter for this posting ?

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