Abstinence Vs Moderation (Marijuana Addiction)

I’m back! I’m exploring the question of total abstinence vs moderate use. Let me know what you think and what you’ve experienced!


  1. I mean being sober is nice too…a natural high..seek other things that give you that then naturally your marijuana use will moderate itself…balance is natural….go outside…get air.. Do art…do things you love…meditation…visualization…same as getting high but its natural…addiction is just anxiety…

  2. I wish I could do moderation, but it just messes with the dopamine system. It's amazing in moderation, but the irritability looks for and makes excuses to be frequent again. Life is so much better sober and I have to keep remind myself of the 20+ gains from not smoking weed.

  3. You story is very similar to mine and I can relate to a lot of what you have to say. Thanks for sharing! I did a year of sobriety last year after 6 years of on and off addiction. This year I am trying moderation, because like you describe weed can bring a beautiful quality and teaching if it's done like this. But the beast does awaken at the same time, I feel we need to set up ways of dealing with this if we want to continue to smoke and moderate. Some ways I've been trying to work around it is to smoke on a weekend then focus on college or work when Monday comes, being active in the world I've found very helpful, having something to do that you love and look forward to. Or smoke on a full moon and let that energy release you the day after. Or go somewhere for a few days to smoke and then come back to daily life. Use the systems we live in or create some of your own to make it work for you. Would love to hear an update on how you're getting on Ty.

  4. Check it out! At 16 min 25 seconds get ready and at 16 min 27 sec a white thing moves across the screen and does a spiral and heads off to the right! I think it was a sign!

  5. i am wanting to let you know that at the end of your video after you ask again the question….I saw a light being or a fairy like energy fly across the screen very distinctly when the video was ending….. I think I am attuning to that which I wanted so much when I used cannabis….connection with the spiritual realm and alignment with my inner source of creativity….I am finding that those realms are opening to me with my day to day abstince. …..Let me know if you see the light being at the end of your video!

  6. Hi Ty! I just found your channel, and i arrived here like most folks, ready to heal their marijuana addiction. I know you havent made videos in a while but i wanted to tell you that you sharing your story and giving your insight is INCREDIBLY motivating! Thank you so very much for giving me hope that i can and will heal my addiction! <3 much love i hope you are doing great today, Ty!

  7. Personally I think moderation is better. Since marijuana isn't necessarily a physically addictive drug I don't think it's healthy to abstain from it all together in fear that if you do pick it up again it will lure you back into the vicious cycle of addiction. I think being able to smoke every once in awhile without becoming addicted again is a great way to practice self discipline, as we all know that's the real issue, not necessarily cannabis itself. And usually if you're the type of person who struggles with self discipline when it comes to weed, there are probably some other bad habits in your life that you can't seem to control as well. I think people should allow themselves to enjoy the greater pleasures in life once in awhile without letting it consume them. But if you're trying to quit smoking weed then just take my opinion with a grain of salt. This is just something I'm practicing for myself.

  8. Currently asking myself this question after realizing that daily smoking is no longer serving me. Its a tough question, and at this point in time I simply don know yet. I liked the example you touched on with overeating. Ive battled with emotional & binge eating from time to time, and although mindfulness and discipline have helped me overcome that bad habit, I knew that if I just didn't put excess sugar into my body I wouldn't have to ride the rollercoaster of that ride. I question if thats the same with cannabis. Once your system is clean and clear, maybe its just easier to keep it running that way.

    How has your journey been, now thats its been quite some time since this video?


  9. You said it yourself, you need to LEARN (anew) to inspire your connection sober. Do children need drugs to connect with spirit? We've all been there. We can get there again, with willingness. Good luck, would love to know where you're at now. I'm kind of assuming you've gone back to it due to not having made anymore videos, but would LOVE to be told I'm wrong. Ps why would someone need a medicine if there is nothing essentially wrong? Just a thought…

  10. Weekly. Or 'weekendly' I feel that's the best way to do it. Base your entire week on connection aspects and other herbs/relaxation techniques that don't involve smoking. Remove all of the negative external factors that one uses cannabis to escape : and replace them with tools that connect one with the spirit. Go outside the home i.e. Yoga class, gym. Make money doing something in that connection aspect. Small goals lead to success. You can even use the act of scaling it down to once a week, month, year etc. as a spiritual practice. Mind over matter: then you'd be using the plant appropriately and it would have succeeded in teaching you to have mental power and self control. Perhaps this is its lesson. Self control and personal power. It's like surfing, you work with yourself and the plant and find out how you're going to ride the wave, where it's taking you. Requires alertness. Most people haven't unlocked the true gifts cannabis has to share. I think it requires willingness to commit, then it requires of you that you use the lethargy as fuel to maintain your self control (which one may have never truly had access to before the herb) so you move through the gateways of commitment to the plant spirit, then noticing your unconscious nature- begin focusing your entire vessel as a mental instrument to move through the gateway into self control and the plant opens up an entirely new aspect to you. As within, so without. As above, so below.

  11. Not sure if you still even check these comments anymore man I never comment on videos ever however I wanted to express my gratitude to you for making these videos. I appreciate your humility and openness to say I wish I had the answers but am just going to ask questions. Your vocabulary and thought process is very similar to mine. I also view weed in the same light as you. Reading all the comments on this video is helpful too. Many people with similar situations. I always thought weed was never looked at the way people in this comment section look at weed. There is certainly something unique about weed however I think the most dangerous thing about weed is that it doesn't kill you or harm you all at once. It slowly takes its toll on you. Certainly there are things going on in the unseen spiritual world around us as we use weed as well. But anyways I'm out here making some long ol comment at this point but if you happen to see this video Ty I hope things are going well for you and you'll be in my prayers. I have no doubt we are spirit sons and daughters of a Heavenly Father and have no doubt our Lord and Savior and Redeemer is Jesus Christ. The only thing that's made me want to quit smoking weed was coming to an understanding of what I just stated but I know they are mindful of you and your situation and are pleased with your efforts in making videos to help others. Surely we will understand why we are commanded not to smoke weed or use mine alerting substances someday. But hopefully anyone else who happens to read this comment will be and to overcome any addiction as well. Peace, Love, and Positivity to all.

  12. It's not that difficult to quit wees within a week or so, as long as you're giving your body and brain what it needs during the detox process. As long as you're consuming the right things while you're quitting, you won't go through withdrawal, and will feel sharp, clear and motivated during the process. There's this program mentioned in Nemery Thentel's website that can help anyone control their habit.

  13. I know someone who has mostly quit but uses it once a month and would like to let go of even that. I am on a total sobriety path. Enjoying your videos about all this. I am looking more deeply into the aspect of why do I need something exogenous to alter my state of consciousness that has side effects? Yoga and meditation are becoming good replacements for me – and trying to do something to be of service somewhere – even if in some little way. Being totally sober is not easy for me, but I am loving my sense of presence with what is and being more present with others. That is medicine of sorts to me.

  14. I would like to add a few things about this topic. I'm currently 22 years old and started smoking on my 15th. Today I believe I'm a quiet productive, intelligent, social, spiritual being. As well, I've paid back in those areas of my life due to abbusive use of the plant. However, weed started as a gateway for spirituality and thought it was a learning tool – a shortcut in life – in achieving holiness. I believed I made a deal ('with the devil'), for which I had to pay a price later. I figured out quiet fast, that greatness lies withing, and using any substance from without to katalyse the dormant energy, could give insights, but would end up using energy on other planes. The way to be full of energy is by not being influenced by karma, or not depending on anything outside yourself to feel balanced. Last 4 years I have set the goal to at least not smoke for a month. Mission still not achieved. However, still lowering my use gradually ever since. Since then a growing feeling of shame made me seperate from my 'eternal youth' state of being. This made me realize that weed on itself is the abusive part, but your relationship with it.

    Now you asked in your video: can you actually regain a sense of spiritual connection with reality after a long period of abstinence, like you would experience when you are high (especially after a period of abstinence). I would like to respond to that from a hopeful, semi-scientific viewpoint. All the cells in the average person are replaced in a cycle of 7/8 years (if I recall correctly). If you take into account that you have paid for your weed abuse in terms of disbalancing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual systems, then it will take at least 7/8 years of abstince, to have replaced every cell of your body and given a new imprint by experiencing life the next 7/8 years. I would like to propose the theory that it all depends on how, and how long, you go through your abstinence period to regain a sense of spiritual connection with reality without depending on outside forces. When you are smoking weed selfishly in moderational/ceremonialy to achieve a temporarely high, you disbalance your systems again & again & I believe you have to start even further away from where you were, because your body let it's guard down from that one thing which has been toxic by indulging it for several years. So if I can abstain for more than ~8 years, and live up to my dreams & potential, I will let you know if I have found a regained sense of spiritual connection with reality, every day without weed.

  15. Hey Ty, I really enjoyed that first video you uploaded on this subject "4 key benefits to Healing Marijuana Addiction" and your vulnerability in this video. I know I am not necessarily in a position to talk on years of abstinence but I am almost at 9 months completely sober now. I realized I am an addict, pot being my drug of choice for nearly identical reasons as you. I was a daily pot smoker as well. I too have felt and thought extremely similar to you on many of the points you bring up. Yes I too felt once a month would be fine, IF YOU CAN, you're right "IF YOU CAN" is the key aspect. Now also like you said in the other video, as a daily smoker you were in a state of smoking or thinking about smoking always or constantly. If you allow one day a month, only 12 days a year actually allowing yourself to smoke, you will be thinking about smoking for 353 days of the year. You won't feel spiritual in those days, will be relying on your drug to provide it for you, and always be waiting/craving for your next "day off". I have what they call in the program some reservations but I know complete abstinence has served me very well (I am young and would have liked to have done more shrooms/acid or have at least tried dmt once before I got sober). However being sober I realized sobriety is my NEW drug of choice. I love the 12 steps. Reason being it is a SPIRITUAL PROGRAM. Weed enhanced my connection to source and spirit and was also my gateway. I have had very profound meditations while being super high yet it ultimately became an addiction to numbing my emotions. Just like you I see the double edged sword, but I have found different levels of perspective and awareness from being sober. I am far more spiritual and clear minded than I have ever been in my life, I am at the point where I wouldn't trade it back. I learned that when I did smoke pot I was going nowhere fast and now I am going somewhere slowly. As the promises state "Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, but they will always manifest/materialize IF we WORK for it." I highly encourage you to dive head first into a 12 step program, get a sponsor, and thoroughly work the steps! It will give you the spiritual growth and clarity you are searching for. I LOVE your question on "Well, if you offer it up to a higher power to relieve your alcoholism/addiction couldn't you ask him to just make you not an addict?" In my experience, t does not work that way, once a cucumber becomes a pickle it can never again return to being a cucumber. It sounds to me like you are a cucumber. Trust me sobriety is worth it. DREAMS MAN THE DREAMS!!! I have always been interested in lucid dreaming and honestly it is by far the coolest aspect of being sober. Just like you I would forget my dreams if I was smoking pot but since getting sober I'd say I have had over 300 recorded dreams and at least 30 lucid dreams. You also have the ability to chase your dreams in real life and fulfill your life's purpose. A pot addiction is by far one of the trickiest addictions out there, a lot of grey area, but to me and addict is an addict. The drink/drug is never the problem, the thinking is the problem. Your mind can always rationalize and convince you that it's ok but ultimately you know the answer deep down. Like you said it is time to evolve and grow, absence and working the program WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN, be patient and be persistent! The more work you put in, the greater your results will be. Relapse is not always part of recovery but often times it is, just turn your relapse into a prolapse. Stay blessed and enjoy the ultimate drug SOBRIETY!!! If you actually read all this I truly thank you and wish you the best! I have not made any youtube videos but I will make some soon on similar topics with much more.

  16. You just explained everything I've been thinking today. Jesus this is such a perfect explanation of this type of experience. I've decided to just ride this first crazy wave of cravings and see where it goes. I'm basically telling myself that I can have it SOME DAY but not TODAY. And it's calming the "beast" inside me to sort of play that game with myself. But jesus it's hard.

  17. There are number of experiences I want to do (woman, $, professional mastery etc.) and am relinquishing anything I can to access more energy to put towards doing so. Once I have these significant experiences I may later in life sort of retire from it all and integrate cannabis in some way. Moderation would be great maybe once a week or month or something especially to have full on affect. I also have gone veganfruitarian and no-fap and am making incremental adjustments that lead to significant health and well being and harmony with earth and ppl and myself. Because cannabis hemp bears seeds it seems like it could be eatin for now I use hemp oil sold on stores to cook with and hemp milk and hemp seeds. Someone also one side sitting in a field of marijuana plants & not exploited in natural environment the pheromones can get one high too. I certainly aim to be able to access what you're referring to and I know what you mean

  18. Great video. Highlights the stage I'm at now. Was smoking for 12 years, 7 or 8 years of that was daily, habitual use. I attempted to cut down and use in moderation a couple of times in between but it wasn't long before I was back to the all-day, everyday stoner life. As of now, I've abstained completely for 5 months – the longest I've been weed free since my smoking years – as I just felt so totally burned out, a gibbering and stuttering mess with a head full of cloud, and felt guilty for smoking away a number of my years. I enjoy the clarity and the ability to socialise properly again (among many other things from abstaining).

    Anyone would think those were good enough reasons to quit and stay quit but damn, do I ever miss that mental relaxation, that brain massage that just gives you some time out to blow away the cobwebs and truly relax. I'd love to be able to use moderately, maybe once or twice a month – hence me looking for videos like this to find an answer – but I don't think I can trust myself just yet as it's too soon. Why is it I can drink alcohol, take various drugs, prescription and otherwise and not crave it or have to urge to go again the next day but with the herb it's as you say, feeding a beast that just wants more.

    Would love to hear an update from you at some point or if you ever cracked the enigma and managed to keep it moderation.

  19. In my opinion the moderate use bit is hogwash. I've stopped smoking for a long period and then got high. The first high back on was, as you described, amazing. I had some left over and by the next day I was back to feeling tired and more of a disconnected and medicated feeling. I wound up buying some and I was soon right back where I started. High a lot of the time. It had become painfully clear to me that the genie can not be put back in the bottle. A lot of alcoholics have told me this before. Once you become a habitual user, that's it for you. I've come to the conclusion that an occasional really intense high just isn't worth the risk. I feel that the benefit of said high is all in my head as well. Meaning that it's actually destructive.

  20. hey ty. i have always believed that using weed once a month or so is the best. like you say and just like me i can't seem to do that. its either all or nothing. its the same pattern every time. i completely quit for weeks or months and then i want to try it again. i do it and its just like you said, and i think how great it would be to do in moderation. unfortunately i slip into doing it every few hours until i completely quit again. it astonishes me that i can't control the moderation period for an extended period. i refuse to give up. currently I'm abstinent and i will try again at some point. there just has to be a way for us to increase our mental toughness and self discipline.

  21. Here's the problem with weed when you're smoking daily…1) The warm, fuzzy glow that it gives you convinces you that even the best sober feelings pale in comparison 2) Makes you want toΒ avoid sober folks 3) Makes one selfish ( What great food do I want- what tv/internet/video game/activity do I want- which very comfortable chair do I want- it becomes entirely aboutΒ me, me, me ,me) 4) The addiction rapidly turns into this almost sinister yearning through out the whole day. 5) The overeating reeks havoc on the digestive process. 6) Doing a "night cap"Β prevents dreams- not good- dreams are important teachers. 7) Does something to the vocabulary- important words become lost. 8) Anxiety 9) Destroys confidence 10) Reduces men's testosterone.

  22. Hi Ty, great video. Topic of sustainable moderation needs to be addressed more. I believe it is possible to moderate with conscious intent, especially working with peer groups and coaches. I am working on creating a cannabis moderation coaching business. You talk about the "beast" and from a shamanic perspective you may be more accurate than you even realize. Moderation and addiction is about learning how to have empower our own True Self to be incorporated into our bodies, not the beast. Mindfulness, meditation, movement all key components. I really appreciate your videos and authenticity of your journey. Well done.

  23. when your an addict, there is no room for it. It will creep right back to high volume using soon enough and you'll be back at square one trying to stop again. This then turns into insanity.. doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results each time. You are right… " Don't feed the demon"

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