1. ERBB: will definitely be that penny stock, that will skyrocket this summer. Reminder it had a 0.08 high and with legalization and legislation the 0.50-0.85 high could be hit.🔥🔥🔥

  2. Long term lottery tickets for me are ISOL (Isodiol International) and ERBB (American Green)

    Both so cheap right now and bound to spike when hype news approaches near legalization. Get in now and hold for 6 months, thank me later.

  3. hiya: I respect your work a lot and like the way you present- your voice is ez to listen to ~ kinda quirky which sets you apart, keeps you sounding real. I wrote to you off topic – asking your thoughts about equities correcting and you u offered the obvious response- well, it depends on what you mean…take a look at the Investopedia online article by Mark Kolakowski published earlier today (1:34pm EDT)- he sums up precisely the flavor of my question….just curious. by the way, some time back, after careful analysis and for a variety of different reasons and to pursue divergent investment strategies I've decided to invest and commit most heavily and for the long term (my horizon with these companies is 18 months) to these stocks> KUSH, GW Pharma, Aphria,
    Aurora, In Sys, and Canopy Growth. I've been resisting CG because they burn through money like crazy their CEO and MKT Cap have convinced me. If you look at their RSI they're clearly over bought at $8 + in my opinion – I like them better at 6 but what the hell. Anyway, love your videos dude.

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