1. watched all your vids growmmie. was fucking stoked when the date i heard was yesterday. mutual coast grow!! our kids are about the same age. they wont be somoan like ur kids but much much respect n success. ur an encyclopedia bruh big ups <soaking corn right now>

  2. Still blows my mind the yield you got outta some 65 gallon pots lol. Can’t wait to see what I do this year. Last year I pulled 2.2 average out of some 200’s with rooted clones from March 25th. I’ll be happy with 2.5 an up. GOT to get a different support system tho last year my cages were falling over.

  3. Sweet, looking good. May 1st sounds the plan. 14:00 hours sunlight on May 7th will be no problem with premature flower, Spring has only just started at the recent Equinox on 20th this month. Screw 4/20, the Sun is your Master, nothing and no one else. Plants require a minimum of 6:00 hours 'Direct Sunshine' to reach full potential, so you should have no problem with those plants that loose some direct sunlight at varying points of the day. They are still receiving light, albeit indirect. All Outdoor Growers : https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/

  4. Man brother another great view today. Hopefully it will be a great grow this year. Sucks on the seed but all we can do is move on, right? Hopefully the plants on the side of the house will grow just as good as the rest. Thanks for all the positivity that you pass on to us, it keeps me coming back for more knowledge and soaking up the positive vibes thanks bro

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