1. Good review! Have you tried an induction heater yet? Ive been using the portside mini, its changed my life for the better, gf can use my dynavap with out my supervision now

  2. The carb-hole or what is called the "shotgun"? Hate those, gun similes's … whatever? I usually point my dynacap poker at it to find it, visually. . Others, chat about hand filing out the dimples on the chamber? Recently left off my dynavap back to more conventional vapes. Still like the Omnis but not enough to replace the Arizer. They are great devices but my age does not need to to have any more vapes. Haven't combusted for 10 years. Rock on…

  3. First off, vaping sucks. Carts, and this stupid thing. YOU DONT GET A COMPLETE HIGH. And when i do vape it doesnt feel the same as when i smoke. 3 thumbs down……just seen its 140 bucks for a metal tube. Hahaha, all the way to the bank.

  4. lmao why are these headass videos in my suggested all the time, these vapes suck ass, just get an airizer EQ. if you think imma bout to pay 70$ on machined titanium or stainless you have lost your damn mind sir.

  5. hey bro love ur videos been watching for a long ass time now you helped me choose to buy my first vape a pax 2 2 years ago and an Arizer extreme q a year ago. I want a dynavap m for those milky hits because my arizer can't milk up a bong
    i was gonna buy one on ur site but you don't accept bitcoin. If you use BTCpay or Bitpay it'll automatically convert all the bitcoin you make into USD so its not an issue for you what so ever and it just opens up more options for customers to pay. I'm gonna wait a while to see if you see this and add it so i can help you out a little by buying off your site.
    i could just use us dollars but thats lame ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. Hey Sneaky Pete. I'm looking for the ~$300 vape that will give me the strongest effects. I was under the impression the Solo II was good in that regard, but I saw your review and you said it was only decent. I'm almost going for the Mighty, not sure how the Crafty compares to the Mighty in its ability to get you baked.

  7. Good review Sneaky Pete.
    DYNAVAP is my favorite one-hitter even though you can hit it more than once. It's efficient and will save you on herb. I have 4 DYNAVAPs and just ordered the 2019. Looking forward to test it against my others.

  8. Never used mj before but my state is very close to signing legal rec. Just purchased a 2019 M, dynacoil, and two flame lighter. Appreciate all the work you do SP.

  9. it always surprises me that there are other vape/cannabis accessory reviewers who get more views than you but aren't nearly as thorough, or their videos are edited poorly and therefore it's tough to filter out relevant information. then there are some who just "review products" AKA they just get obliterated and offer nothing useful to potential consumers (while i want my products to obliterate me, and i see the merit in watching someone have that experience, getting high isn't necessarily a great feat — i also want to know what i'm buying and why i'm buying it, and why i should spend my money on product A versus product B). please note i'm not intentionally singling other reviewers out, this is just a trend i notice in general when it comes to the cannabis industry.

    sorry to go on a mini-rant, my point is, you're a true professional in every sense of the word and i really appreciate that. part of me wishes this industry had more petes, but another part of me recognizes that even if people tried to emulate your style, they wouldn't succeed, because your personality lends itself so well to what you do.

    i recently purchased the globe to use with my M and i love it so much, it's the perfect size. thank you for creating quality products and reviews!! your hard work does not go unnoticed!

  10. Great review man! I pull one bowl and Iโ€™m at least a 5/10 but damn 3 bowls for this vid, Iโ€™d be so done lol. The M no matter the year is phenomenal.

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