When Doctors Won't Believe Your Pain

When the filmmaker Sindha Agha first went to the doctor about her pain, she experienced a phenomenon familiar to many women—she was not taken seriously.


  1. Good video, very compelling. I must however respectful advocate for the medical profession in this case. This is not to discount or minimize this woman's struggle, pain and suffering, but to say the situation is much more nuanced that some people will understand. A physicians first intent is to do no harm. When a patient presents with a constellation of atypical symptoms, the physician should always choose the least invasive intervention that has potential to help the patient. Physicians don't just start cutting on people, or doing invasive procedures without either exhausting other options, or taking the time to get a clearer picture of what the etiology of the symptoms might be. You see in the medical world physicians who are over aggressive with interventions, and physicians who are to passive. Physicians are expected to know everything and make every right decision at every turn, but that's just not realistic. I feel for this woman, and I can tell she suffered horribly physically and emotionally, but what if some invasive procedure where the physicians first action, and there were complications to said procedure?

  2. Doctors think they know everything. I pay my doctor and therefore she is my employee. If I tell any of my employees something and they are dismissive I fire them, the same standard should be held to my doctor.
    If your doctor isn't listening to your pain and concerns, fire them and find another doctor.

  3. Someone having pain, especially in that area, and that is reproducible, should be listened to. That's what 'care' is about. Note that causes of endometriosis can range from and be in combination with physical imbalance, incompatible body chemistries (flora as well as metabolites containing sugar and gluten in the man's diet, and that coming out in his spooge and festering), and un-diagnosed/asymptomatic STD.

  4. Well… I suppose nobody can TELL YOU not to be CM Punk. He had a dangerous infection and the WWE doctor told him he was fine. Mind you… he was already a MILLIONAIRE… he could've taken a private jet to see any doctor in the world.

    Although rich… he's no genius. And you don't have to be either one to be smart enough to go to another doctor for a second opinion.

  5. Medical gaslighting happens to women a LOT. "It isn't that bad", "There's nothing wrong with you", and my favorite, "JUST LOSE SOME WEIGHT". Some women have medical conditions that make weight loss nearly impossible no matter what they do. Instead of figuring out if the woman has one of these conditions, they just brush them off. Sickening.

  6. There is a lesson here for men and women. Take responsibility for your own health and don't defer to someone else. Be assertive, even aggressive , and demand to be taken seriously. The husband was also impacted and implicated.

  7. this is like the first diagnosis that comes to mind… and i am a lazy med student. quite interesting what can happen bc of the "gate keeper" function of GPs in Britain. in Germany she would have gone straight to a gynecologist and it wouldve been a cake. i meant interesting bc the Germany system produces more costs and there are some polititians looking over to Britain…

  8. Why does this woman and so many others think that doctors are your friend? Would you think your drug dealer is your friend? Doctors are legal drug dealers. They are not your friend. Unless you have a family doctor whose known your family for generations, why would you entrust any doctor? Why do people feel that’s the natural thing to do? Doctors have a conflict of interest, to sell you and keep you on as many prescriptions as possible. Their job really doesn’t require empathy or compassion, it only requires a medical license. There’s this really stupid cognitive dissonance that doctors can do no wrong and they are clearly in your best interest when that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you trust your doctor, you should also trust any drug dealer off the street.

  9. Doctors don’t care until it comes to fertility. It took until I was nearly done with college and in a long term relationship that my doctors took me seriously. I was diagnosed with PCOS so chronically untreated that my right ovary may never produce a viable egg again.

  10. Enough of the doctor bashing. It's a rare condition, you went to a GP for goodness sake. That's like going to a mechanic and asking him to take a look at your luxury speed boat.

  11. It's pretty shitty how the doctor wouldn't believe her when she said she was in pain, but when she said she wasn't able to have kids, they were suddenly super helpful.

  12. Strong woman, considerate husband, happy ending. (And absolutely entrancing videography that perfectly evoked all the pain and intensity involved.👏)

  13. I knew she had endo as soon as she started describing her symptoms. Shameful that a doctor only paid attention when her fertility was threatened.

  14. I think the problem with endometriosis is unless you have an endometrioma (a cyst often called a "chocolate cyst") its incredibly difficult to diagnose it because the lesions don't show up on scans, ultrasound and etc. If you're having terrible period pains, heavy periods, painful sex, fatigue and etc… go to an OBGYN. In the past, it took an average of 7 years before a woman was diagnosed with endometriosis. I was 24 when I had symptoms and only got diagnosed when I was 32 because I had a endometrioma cyst and had surgery (7cm cyst on my left ovary). I'm 37 now and still dealing with it. If a doctor says "nothing is wrong with you" go to another doctor. Ask a second opinion and find one who's willing to listen.

  15. This happened to me for years, turned out I had endo, microscopic, couldn't be seen except by a specialist. I was on vicoden for like 3-4 years. Saw at least half a dozen doctors before I found one that beleived me and helped me. Had a full hysterectomy and now I can breath again!!!

  16. I had this problem for about a decade or just over and in the end I threatened to commit suicide ( don’t judge me I felt like I had no other option) and that’s when they finally sat up and did tests and that’s when my Journey began, I don’t wish this or recommend whatsoever to do what I did but I was pushed from one doctor to another and I was taking over 20 different pills for problems I didn’t have and I felt like I was going insane from all the pain and to be told it was all in my head and worse put it my medical files that i made up the pain for attention.
    Anyone that’s going through this, please don’t give up and keep fighting to get better and to be heard, you will find the right doctor who will listen.

  17. This video couldn't be any more timely for me because I was just diagnosed today with endometriosis based on my ultrasound results from a few days ago. I have been having severe menstrual cramps for years and have spent 4+ years trying to get pregnant, and while I am glad I am finally getting some answers, it doesn't make the news any less heartbreaking. I truly wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

  18. This just goes to prove my thesis. That straight white men ARE capable of completely empathizing with the pains and struggles of minority groups around the world, and so therefore need to stay in EVERY position of power forever, so as to retain their perpetual hegemony over us all.

    I'm just kidding, straight white men utterly SUCK at pretty much EVERYTHING involving empathy or human interaction in general 🙁

  19. "Nothing is wrong" should never be the conclusion reached, if they say something is wrong than you keep looking until you figure it out. Dr's can recommend a counselor if they believe it's mental but keep looking for physical issues until it's solved just incase you're wrong.

  20. Imho, It was just one doctor. Second opinions are a thing, yes? Not saying this woman’s pain is not justifiable by all means, it’s terrible that it happened to her, but to generalize it to all people practicing medicine is bit unfair. Not all doctors are perfect thus things like this happen.

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