1. oh yea…i forgot to add this…SUPER RED EYES…but super clear head. i absolutely LOVE this strain. you definitely feel your eyes a bleeding with that girl. i love haze…like so much..PURPLE especially. all the haze strains are nice..but nothing like that purple haze. BALTIMORE we know all about that haze. diesel and haze. GOTTA LOVE THE HAZE THO.

  2. ONE OF MY FAVORITE STRAINS OF ALL TIME!!! NUMBER 1…nothing like that haze from back in the day though..it was way more potent and crazy crazy LOUD..super strong smell, that SHARP fresh "pointy wine" in my mind. no way you could hit it that hard and not cough your balls off. and its not because of a bad cure and rough harsh smoke…it was straight chest expansion from a ton of thc. white ashes and still coughing your nuts off. That is the best strain!! all morning all day, night time and can keep you up some. but so much happy euphoria and energetic. def a great work and get it done strain. This one still is around up fulton ave. but hard to get . lovely peace

  3. I sure wish I could find some purple haze now, it use to be around alot back in the late 90's and early 2000's, now when I ask where the purple haze at people act like I'm asking for some reggie lol

  4. Hi JJ, any chance you have any beans from that wild-ass looking White Domina plant you showed a while back. A simple yes or no would work. If yes, I'll e-mail you. Thanks, the WD is the type of med I need.

  5. jj that purple haze lookks great.I was going to ask you if you ever checked out ct weed reviews channel but before I did I noticed you commented on his video he consistently gets some of the best weed I've ever seen

  6. JJ, I would love to see for you to talk about the specific terp profiles per strain. I have tried so many strains and while THC and CBD are great and what most focus on.. I find that lower THC % and better terps will create a way stronger and longer lasting high. I have found myself buying strains at dispensaries with sometimes 10 point lower THC percents but kick 100x harder than the other. Keep up the great content and I as well as many others look forward to the great content. Cheers !

  7. I really enjoy the Purple Haze experience. I just whipped up some purple haze butter to capture the full body jello effect😁This is one of my favourite “go with the flow” smokes. It’s -35 here so….it’s a sitting by the fire, book, tea, cannabis butter tart kinda day. Cheers and thanks for the great review.

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