1. Allissa, I have a camera for my dogs and it's hilarious to see what they do when we are not home. we recently got a one year old standard poodle and she is terrible. she eats anything on the counters, on the table, and my mom has asked where did our knives go. Little did we know she was taking them outside! Let's just say the security cameras are kind of eventful to say the least! Lol you should invest in a cheap $20 one on amazon. I have one called yihome and it was cheap and works really well during the daytime and nighttime.

  2. Oh my goodness, I could not stop laughing when the cats started to clean themselves for the last little bit of the footage that you showed of them. I found it way funnier than it probably was

  3. I have a camera inside my house in the room I keep my dogs when my boyfriend and I are gone 😂 to keep an eye on them or check up if we’re gone for long periods of time lol it’s live tho lol

  4. I love your video's! Do your cats have a scratching post or cat tree if not it might be worth the investment , I had a cat a lot like benji who was getting into everything I didn't want him to then someone told me to buy a cat tree ,I did and it's the only thing he messes with ( might save your plants and walk hanging ) xxxx

  5. FYI you shouldn’t cut meat on a wood cutting board only the plastic ones. I never realized how many rules there were either with stuff 😒 it’s cross contamination stuff.

  6. Omg. The cats are so cute. Who cares what anyone thinks. They are your pets and you can do what ever you want. Love the cats. They are so cute. I think a chair would look good near the plant on your bedroom.

  7. Omgggg don’t feed your cats kitten chow. It’s horrible for them. Most pet foods at Walmart, target, and other non pet focused stores are very unhealthy. Look at the ingredients and focus on the first 3. You want the to be meats. No by products or bone meal. And try to stay away from corn. Upgrading to a healthy food will keep them healthy, keep vet visits/costs down, and lengthen their lives.

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