Velvet Kush [Rare] Cannabis Strain Review; Blim Burn, Garden Video

Also known as Silver Velvet Kush, this evenly balanced hybrid strain is created by crossing the rare Velvet Kush & Silver Kush strains. It possesses a smooth …


  1. Hey bro !! Just wanted to say HICH !! I've been watching but not live. I sent my buddies from the NECTER family to look at your vids. #NECTERFAM !! #eaglesnation WORLD CHAMPION'S BABY !!! I'm still recuperating from the SUPERBOWL party ! I was smoking some Purple Haze !! During the game. My lucky strain !!! My seasion is almost over. I still have some cooking putting on so much weight there all falling over ! Can't wait to try them all !! This seasion coming up Chembo Kush !! I still have plenty of beans so got to try ! STAYLIFTED !! Wait Tweezy has a Utube Channel ?

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