1. I live in the Sahara Desert where Camels do it. People here have been drinking Camel urine for 5,000 years.
    I have lived in the Rocky Mts. where all Mountain goats drink each other urine as water, plus to prevent mountain tigers from following them.
    Urine therapy is the oldest known book on medicine.
    Read the book: "The Golden Fountain" by van der Kroon,
    There are over 4,444 books on AUT in every language.
    Yes urine can help cure AIDS.
    I have 9 AIDS patients in prisons who used it on their AIDS daily.
    I have been putting a drop in each eye for 20 years.
    People who are critical of this free health care tradition,
    which has documented in medical books for 5,000 years,
    is only caused by ignorance.

    Better than Single Payer Health care, because its free.
    I have been drinking all my urine daily for 30 years.

    "How long will the devil doctors kill our Prophets , with vaccines,
    while we stand aside???" – Bob Marley

    Ghandi Mother Teresa, & Che did it. So do 100 of my SF friends.
    Wake up & drink up.

    Youtube: paul8kangas

  2. I need to know if I have to ween off all the medications I'm on?? None of them are life threatening if I stop, but I will literally have to withdrawal from one of them. I have heard it's okay with certain meds. Does anyone know of a list?

  3. ➕ “YAHusha said unto him, I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life: no man comes unto the Father, but by me” (John 14:6).
    ➕ “For there is one YAH, and one mediator between YAHuah and men, the man YAHusha HaMashiach” (1 Tim. 2:5).
    ➕ “… if you shall confess with your mouth Adonai [‘my Master’] YAHusha, and shall believe in your heart that YAH has raised him from the dead, you shall be saved” (Rom. 10:9).

  4. My gf has this disease called neurofibromatosis where she has a tumor on her spine and is in pain night n day no breaks less we smoke weed but can someone tell me if urine therapy works n if so do she have to do it forever

  5. A list of all the speakers in this film would be HIGHLY advantageous and recommended please! 🙏 Thank you for this wonderful piece of work and for spreading this message 😊

  6. Urine therapy help me with my blood pressure.. I was 170,150- 110, 90+ two weeks after drinking my urine and doing 2 urine fasting… My bp when to normal 127- 77 or 122- 76

  7. A lovely little film that will inspire people to try their own orin. The meditation music in the background works well. Nice mix of visuals and text.
    Good job gotproductions!

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