Trulieve Super Silver Haze Crumble + Linx Ember review | Florida Medical Marijuana

I’m a legally registered medical marijuana patient in Florida. In this video I review the new CRMBL (crumble) product from Trulieve. I discuss its similarities and …


  1. im 1 of those rare ppl who would rather have shatter cuz its easier to handle im not a flavor chaser i go more for effect n crumbles a painin the ass to load n get on my dabber smh not gonna be takin fat dab rips with that good maye my tolerance will drop i also ordered RSO

  2. Thanks for making the video!! Trulieve crumble looks pretty nice! Think Ima try some tmrw from tru.. The crumble at Muv is really good!! I’ve tried 6 different strains all really good.
    if your down there anytime soon.. you gotta try the Durbin Margy it’s 🔥🔥🔥

  3. Hey what’s up you do some good reviews I added you on Twitter I didn’t get a ad back I wanted to talk to you about the Florida thing you said you like helping people while I need to talk to you I hope you can answer some my questions I hope to talk to you soon

  4. Looks like that crumble has all those good fats the stuff that makes us feel that full and warm flavor of the strain. Reminds me of good meds from Ann Arbor that was top shelf Michigan medical crumble. Can’t wait to try Trulieve in Venice tomorrow might grab this🔥 great review thxs again

  5. Hey you. The crumbl is awesome. Very potent stuff. I just mix with my flower. Final found a great combo for my neuropathy pain. Thanks to you and your reviews of Trulieve I am very educated now. Thank you.

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