1. Can someone tell me if this is fake? This sounds so bullshit. "I watched a cartoon when I was 2 and the character had a stutter" seriously lol? Does anyone believe this??? It sounds like he hired an actor? Normal people who speak on stage in front of 5k people are not so enigmatic. I an sorry for any TR fans here but this smells like serious BS. I was expecting more.

  2. This is not true, yes you can prevent stuttering but not in that manner it is fake. I stuttered as a child and still in adulthood. But it takes years to understand how to control it and it does not go away totally. It's not caused by stopping parents from fighting that's a lie. That proof this man is a fake I went to a speech therapist as a child however it still persists. But only two technique worked, I often change my words or before I speak I would tell someone I stutter. This helped me cause I was afraid people would judge me because I stutter. It's a state of mind sometimes and other times how you feel (stress, depress). After a few years, my speech improved and the stutter is there but not noticeable it can be controlled but not removed this guy is definitely fake without a doubt.

  3. I used to stutter for many years . I couldn't even honest the telephone. It used to make me hide from life and never enjoy interacting with people.
    I had found it would a self esteem issue. I had started to tell myself that I liked who I am and not to ashamed to be me. My I have to say does matter , that I'm not stupid or boring . Confidence pushes our mental boundaries

  4. I stutter my self this is not funny so please stop laughing. If you think this is funny you don’t know how painful it is. So please when you se someone who’s stuttering don’t care and talk to them like it is a normal person. Because it is a normal person. I got bullied for it. And know that I’m twelve I took the courage to stay up and they stopped. So please don’t laugh. Ed Sheeran stutters and no one cares so don’t car if anyone else do. Nobody deserves to be bullied because of how they talk.

  5. A fact many people don’t know about stammering is that when I read, I don’t have stammering. You never see people stammer when they sing, right? If he memorize his speech he will not stammer. Our brain is very complex. People miss understand that stammering occurs because he could not stay calm but it is way more complex than that.

  6. Well that was just wonderful. I feel like I’m going through the same situation, without speech impediment, but there’s something in my life that stops me from achieving what my true life purpose is and watching this video started to give me answers.

  7. Not all but in many cases stuttering can be cured by simply thinking about what you want to say before you attempt to say it. I saw a special about it years ago and some time later I met my daughters father who had a stuttering problem. I told him the little I had learned about it and true to form he tried it and never stuttered again. Not saying it's the cure for everyone but try it, you never know. 👍

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