1. Wheatgrass juice is much healthier folks. For example, chlorophyll : The chlorophyll content in juice made from organic wheatgrass that is freshly harvested is higher (54mg / serving) against ‘tray-grown’ wheatgrass juice that has just 8mg per serving. Wheatgrass powder contains 18mg chlorophyll. I could go on, but do your research as to why fresh is better, but the science is out there folks.

  2. Snake oil was promoted at one time. Grow your own wheat-grass and control what is in the soil or a soil-less medium plus the light. A commercial farm is still a commercial farm depleting the soil quickly over time. The idea is to the transfer of life-force energy from plant/light to human. Processing and dehydration defeat this process. Did Jack Lalane start this way ? Try growing some yourself Thomas and then comment.

  3. I’m confused because last week, you did an add saying that wheatgrass was bad and completely useless for weight loss…is it good or bad? I read multiple times that it was one of the food that had the most enzymes and nutrient 😟

  4. I use Wheatgraspowder and Wheatgrasjuicepowder both, 100% organic. Example, in an kaleshake ( 1/2 teaspoons each, with a big handful of kale + some walnutoil + 1/2 teaspon of macarootpowder and tumericpowder + pink salt and lime/lemon juice + some icecubes and almond milk ), drink it with an meal and i like it a lot that way^^

  5. Yeah after the first 10 seconds where he mentions being particular about the type of wheatgrass, I realized then and there that at the end of the video, he'll make some silly statement like, "luckily, our scientists have compiled all of those good things I just mentioned into a product we sell called _________________." So in other words, this is a ridiculous infomercial. Gee thanks.

  6. Bukan wheatgrass jer ada khasiat…di sekeliling kamu itu pun ada khasiat masing-masing…Allah tidak [email protected] sesuatu itu sia-sia melainkan ada manfaat untuk kegunaan manusia dan haiwan ternak mereka…faham kan?..contoh seperti pokok kelapa,buahnya boleh kita manfaat sebagai minuman dan jika tua dapat buat santan atau minyak…tempurungnya boleh buat bahan bakar/hiasan,daunnya boleh buat ketupat dan lidinya boleh buat penyapu laman(penyapu lidi)batang pokoknya pun ada berbagai manfaat boleh digunakan bermakna satu pokok keseluruhan boleh dimanfaatkan manusia kan?..baru satu pokok,belum pokok lain lagi kan?..hahaha:-) cari manfaat insyaa Allah ada kebaikkan untuk semua…amin…cari kebaikkan,buatlah kebaikkan insyaa Allah dapatlah kebaikkan petunjuk dari Allah untuk kebaikkan bersama kan?..semoga bermanfaat…kerana pokok pisang pun boleh dikatakan keseluruhan juga manfaatnya,pernah dengar gulai batang pisang?..boleh dimakan dan batang pisang itu juga boleh hasilkan bermacam-macam benda…jangan jadi otak kerajaan seperti katak bawah tempurung mahu rompak hak rakyat sahaja tetapi cari manfaat untuk kebaikkan bersama agar menjadi yang terbaik…Allah kan suka kebaikkan,ada perintah larangan untuk amal makruf(buat kebaikkan)?..tiada kan?..ilmu Allah itu sangatlah luas tidak dapat dicapai akal kita,terkadang kita lihat itu buruk sedangkan baik untuk kita tetapi adakalanya kita lihat cantik/baik tetapi ada keburukannya pula bagi kita…kan?..

  7. Really confused as to buy wheatgrass juice powder or wheatgrass powder. Dr Berg mentioned juice powder which has less fibre and easily digestible and here Thomas recommends wheatgrass powder which contains more chlorophyll and protein per tbsp. Can anyone help me out as to which is better to buy?

  8. He says juiced powder isn't as good but then he says that this brand is better because its "COLD-PRESSED into a powder" which means that it was juiced then powdered anyway omg smh…I'm pretty sure he was just reading script. Either way the powdered juice would be far more digestible and bioavailable for humans.

  9. when I see a sprayer running on a farm it makes me wonder what they are spraying onto that seed…I was a farmer and I know for a fact that you only spray chemicals to control the weeds and that makes me wonder IF I want to even buy this..Monsanto is NO good….with these seedlings I would ONLY grow indoors because after 7 – 8 days you harvest it anyway…anything grown at the infant stage is good for you so all this blah blah blah stuff just gives me a head ache…

  10. Remember if you have to weak cells, weak mitochondria or less mito could not produce energy, therefore you simply don’t have enough oxidant which Superoxide is produced from energy production

    ROS comes with RSS to neutralize themselves within the redox family

  11. In any way is the best thing you can do for your body is natural health from mother nature is also good for your teeth and gum as well I take the same brand that is mashing you can buy it in any health food stores like Whole food or whatever health store near you

  12. i studied at hippocrates health resort and wheatgrass should never be exposed to direct sunlite. we tested the growing stages of wheatgrass in detail and the highest and most natural state of chlorophyl was within 10 min. of cold press extraction of wheatgrass grown in organic soil and watered with filtered water….powder or any other forms had nutrients depleated immensley.

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