1. Jeez what have i just watched wtf general butt naked, God damn man, Gotta give it to them reporters balls of steel. Freakiest shit i ever watched my heads spining now. I count myself blesssed born and raised in in the West. General butt naked should watch me performing an exorcism, link below. Might want to eat me after seeing the light.
    Light Orbs | Exorcism of a Bulls Spirit | Orbs In Slow Motion |

  2. Imagine Medellin was like this once. And Escobar made that slump gone. Im starting to understand why people in Barrio Escobar are still grateful to him despite the man he was. If he was a tyrant, the government is just as bad. Freaking corrupted douche.

  3. Joshua is interesting. I’m not sure what to think. On one hand, he killed/ordered the killing of perhaps thousands of innocent people. On the other, he freely admits it and seems genuinely remorseful for his actions. He looks to be helping his community now and I saw he donated a large amount of money to a child soldier/drug addict rehabilitation foundation. I don’t like forgiving mass murderers, but there doesn’t seem to be any method of indictment there, so I guess I just respect him for making an attempt to right his wrongs. Most of these warlords just slip into obscurity after they’re through with their terror.

  4. I have to say it once more and I said it a million times: MEN ARE NOT FIT TO RULE!! Give Liberian women all the power … problem solved. Men should never have power. Please see : „so you did kill a child to drink the blood before to go into war.“ men totally unemotional „yes“.

  5. Incredible documentary. I only wished it would've been backwards in the sense that the G. Butt Naked stuff came first because you're left with a feeling like things are getting better and I honestly believe they're not.

  6. I cried so hard watching this… the reality for me touched home .. after the emancipation many of my people went back to Liberia where they helped to establish Liberia, consequently, many were killed & many had to flee Liberia for the wars with the native Africans.
    I’m hurt to see the conditions of Africa, as a whole .. being that it is the riches continent on earth BUT people are suffering ….
    AFRICA rise up… until then you can pray to as many deities as you want
    BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THIS WORLD 🌍 .. START by treating your “brothers” right!!!!

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