The 79 / 21 Rule to Build a Long Term Business

I’m scared for so many influencers and business owners today because they’re not building a long term business… They’re focusing just on one platform without …


  1. Dude I have been watching your stuff over the years and just taking a minute to thank you for all the amazing stuff you put out here. Don't know if you'll read this anyway, but just wanted to say thank you and please don't stop (I know you won't)!

  2. I only use Linkedin so far as I have the biggest audience there, I'll gave now two idea's away probably worth millions too billions, as I finally understand the two cents shit. First I put it under a post of a FMCG company about their founder and they deleted it to make my comment dissapear so I had to write it again under my profile and now I commented my second idea under a post of Lime and will watch what's going to happen. Already requested a meeting with Toby Sun and have been connected now with their logistics manager Christine and I'm think it's going to happen soon, that I'll travel to the Silicon Valley on their expenses to not post my last good idea online told them that I'm not interested in an NDA. Shit Cincinatti have been already on my Linkedin profile. My article got read only 100 times by now and I wrote it on my BlackBerry in fucking Sao Paulo, so I also did now understand the part with the remote control of the society. Told them I call them on Monday when I'm back in Hamburg. Best regards, Tobias a grateful mf

  3. Question about the AUDIO: I am becoming the DROCK of someone in my local space. I am going to use the Senheiser AVX wireless system. My Question: When the guy on the left speaks, is this audio also being record by the clip on mic (senheiser) on gary? Thanks alot if anyone know the answer to this! Amazing video btw!

  4. Is there a chance to see the full conversation between Bobby and Gary?

    He is asking valuable questions. It's so interesting that a ceo of a brand like the hundreds is putting himself in front of a camera and shows where his vulnerabilities are in terms of knowledge. More big players should do it.

  5. Gary, I dip in and out of your content when time allows, but every single time I dip in, I'm left with not just new found energy (you're contagious!) but also a message/takeaway of huge value. Truly awesome my man, thanks so much for sharing without ever asking.

  6. GaryVee saw you first on a 2 Chainz ad. Been hooked ever since you have a way of not sugar coating shit and keeping it 100% real one of the best in the Game rn. Most Definitely gotta take notes when watching you my guy.

  7. how can you not become successful listening to GaryVee, Grant Cardone ect damn I'm glad these type of people exist and make the content basically free on youtube. Havent gone down the LinkedIn route yet, not sure if it really goes for my type of content but not giving it a go is shooting myself in the foot.

  8. Gary Vee Is awesome!!!! That was an amazing video!!!! Gary inspired me to get into the b2b industry where I feel I can impact people’s lives. I have just started my own youtube channel and I would love any support or feedback that anyone can offer me!

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