1. is possible to have Tangie X LA Affie strains in one of the parents (Taffy) the other (Ann) can't find but possible is from where the caramel taste came.

  2. Yes definitely beautiful flower bet that s*** is tasty other than a little dry like you said but you can always throw humid bag back into the mix maybe that will help maybe not I'm so stoned I don't know what I'm talkin about anyway cheers good friend to another great review of some fire ass s*** cheers only

  3. My favorite candy is Taffy! It looks like it was just delicious. Also Love Jessica Jones And the rest I think I am about to watch the last 4 episodes. Again as always 👍💚

  4. Serious question…. my woman doesn't get high anymore. Tried tolerance breaks, dabs (which she literally doesn't feel high at all after no matter how fat a hit), blunts bowls and joints of top shelf indica, sativas, and hybrids and she still only feels relief from pain without any euphoria or uplift. Also watched her eat close to 900mg in gummies and other various edibles in one sitting and never feel anything. I'm at a loss, but it all does help her with her ailments but no "high"

  5. Finished Jessica Jones a week or so ago.. Cool show 🙂 luke cage also. i like all of those netflix series.iron fist, Green arrow, flash, Daredevil, punisher. I'm a nerd 👍✌️🤛 even watched Supergirl haha. also got into Lily hammer when you mentioned it. does two tone willie have a YouTube channel? Did not see in description and cannot find when searching YouTube. Thanks

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