1. Fuck, if you can buy weed legit anywhere. your so lucky.

    All drugs are bad, generally, we have discovered theese drugs too cope with life.

    If you can go trough your entire life without ever feeling the need too change your state of mind, you are most likely the future of mankind. 

    However, most dont. Most of man feels an urge too get away sometimes, just a lil something too get your mind off pressing matters, personal or professional.

    This is why the oldest known recipes of man tells us how too brew wine and beer.

    Mankind needs distractions, be it by weed, beer or freaking LSD, let the people decide for themself.(aslong as you dont hurt anyone else)

  2. You can't honestly say weed needs to be illegal when both alcohol and tobacco are legal and socially accepted by people even though those two drugs are both way worse then weed is. The lack of logic prevents your opinion from being taken serious. You can't say "oh well people can use it to much and it can negatively affect their life" Because the same thing happens with alcohol and tobacco all the time.. But the undeniable difference is that both alcohol and tobacco contain stuff that kills and makes people sick, and weed doesn't do either. As long as someone is of age and smokes or uses weed in whatever way they choose to responsibly then there isn't anything wrong with it.. Just like alcohol can be used responsibly and not abused, so can marijuana. If you're against weed being legal then logically you have to be against alcohol and tobacco from being legal and never drink alcohol or smoke tobacco again, and if you're someone who judges people who smoke weed, you would also need to bitch at every adult you see having a drink and look at them in disgust just like you do with people who smoke or use marijuana.

  3. Before I watched this I thought Fox news had finally came around, but nope; same old bullshit with a different doctor. It is shameful how people are aloud to deceive the public and spin the information the way that this talk show does. 

  4. Dr. Samadi is illogical. There has never been a single recorded death by marijuana, yet cigarettes and alcohol are perfectly legal. Fucking crack babies? There is absolutely facts that support that Marijuana is a gateway drug. What about Advil? Advil is perfectly legal too but if you take one too many you definitely will die.
    Incredible how Fox and Friends is just a bunch of ignorant news anchors that have cocktails and get drunk and then discuss how Marijuana is bad for you and will cause you to have crack babies. Crazy world we live in, We have drunks and cigarette smokers that die every die and when pot has no records of such it is intensely bashed by ignorance.

  5. Right…How about you set aside you "Fox" doctor and bring in nationally credit doctors on a national panel, instead of using  just one doctor, how about we here them all out? Hmmm?

  6. A urologist has no credibility talking about this kind of stuff, MMJ could be helpful for pediatric seizures? at this point if you aren't sure with evidence don't talk about it publicly. C's make degrees…

  7. What a joke. We're not buying this anymore. He made himself look pretty stupid. Pot makes crack babies?! I know what he meant, but it was funny watching him trip all over himself.

  8. What the fuck, this idiot is a doctor, comparing a mother bearing a child who smokes marijuana and claiming they will be "crack babies". Gotta love the idiotic propaganda, have someone a little more competent on the show that will state the facts without senseless emotion.

  9. This guy is full of shit. No wonder Fox gets no respect. They're in it for the big corporations. This guy knows that different strains of marijuana can help people with different type's of illness's and even the Israeli's are giving it to their troops for PTSD. Marijuana only became illegal in in the 1930's because of racial bigotry towards latino's and blacks. The government makes a LOT of money off of the war on drugs as does the prison industrial complex. The pharmaceutical company's of course pay assholes like this to come on television and talk out of their ass. No one in the history of mankind has ever died from marijuana. Millions of people die every year from tobacco and yet the government is ok with it being legal. Anybody on here advocating against marijuana is nothing more then a fucking idiot that's been drinking that government kool-aid their entire life and until I see you die-hards advocating against the murder that is tobacco you can suck my dick. Weed will be legal because people understand that it's nothing more then a government farce to control assholes like these shitheads on here.  

  10. Come on Dr Samandi. Here's a case of someone speaking from his anal glands. You say there's no benefit? Through the CC Foundation, main campus, I get cycles of seizures for the past 38 years, tried every medicine at their disposal, and even the head of the department, off the record agreed, along with various associates over the years, and unofficial testing…NOTHING CONTROLLED MY SEIZURES BETTER THAN WHEN I SMOKED POT OFF AND ON!. I don't enjoy smoking pot and try to do without it, however, it sure beats the hell out of getting my [email protected] kicked from seizures.
    You say it drops one IQ? Bullshit again. I will take your challenge, if you man up. We know you can track me down, as I you. Let's see who has a higher general IQ. I will tie both hands behind my back and let you know I was flat line dead six times. We both know some brain cells were lost there and you will still loose.
    Please excuse me but assholes like you cause a lot of pain an suffering in this world, and then we die. When suffering could have been minimized.
    PS: The only way it drops ones IQ is if you sit around and only smoke all day, instead of learning everyday, to your last day. Hmmm Priorities? Citizens rights? Political payoffs. The largest drug lord in the world is the good ol U. S. of A. What drug lord are you covering for??

  11. Comments here full of rationalizing potheads.  Pretty funny.  The logic here kind of shows that long term pot at a young age effects IQ:
    A measure of death only as a result of pot is not the best measure of "harm"
    Anecdotal stories are not data
    A urologist does not "study urine" (although I would not have used a urologist for this report were I the editor)

    Pot IS helpful fore cancer cachexia/nausea.  

    I personally am not too troubled by pot, but the illogic here cracks me up

  12. Such CRAP! Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and just about Every REALLY successful entrepreneur in America were big time pot smokers. Some still are. The government knows it Expands SPIRITUAL AND MENTAL capacities making people less susceptible to government CONTROL. AND will CRUSH their illegal market which lawmakers are profiting from through cartel under the table profits. Just ask ERIC HOLDER!!!!

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