S1E35 The Adam Dunn Show – All About Stopping Corporate Cannabis

Adam & Mitch analyze the situation surrounding the recent United Cannabis press release ( naming ex-Monsanto executive John C.


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  2. Came back to try and listen to the rest without getting too frustrated. I'll have to vent of course though.

    I've accepted it's impossible for me to avoid using Monsanto products. It would be a headache just trying to figure out which major brands they acquire every few months. I still try to avoid what I can. Miracle grow/Scotts is Monsanto btw.. I think if you eat any corn you are supporting Monsanto, and corn is used in an absurd amount of products. Even batteries have corn in them. It's way worse than you can ever imagine.

    I just hope breeders consider the possibility that they may soon be some of monsantos only competition if Monsanto starts selling seeds. They have no problem framing and eviscerating farmers just for resisting to use their pesticides and seeds, so imagine what they might do to direct threats to their direct competition. which they usually don't have much of. They want to be making the cannabis that pharmaceutical companies use and cannabis to be 1 seed = 1 plant which they know how to do via RNA interruption technology, which is a whole nother beast.

    Meh well at least I got some frustration off my chest. =P cryo freeze and hide all the heirloom genetics!

  3. Monsanto is evil, but the problem with Monsanto getting into cannabis is that Monsanto wants to be the ONLY place to get cannabis and own all cannabis genetics. but not already existing genetics. They will stop thousands of years of plants growing. It's not unrealistic that Monsanto will be the only place to get seed in the next 20 years. They already have some effective strategies to make that happen via lawsuits, manipulation tactics, and infiltration.

    Monsanto will very likely try to spread their genetics to A. claim ownership of other peoples genetics, and B. destroy existing genetics with their RNA interruption technology. They wouldn't have gotten involved in cannabis if they didn't believe they could dominate the industry and already have massively corrupt plans.

    Anyway I could explain some potential plans in more detail, but this seems like too much text already.  Oh btw I think Monsanto owns miracle grow

    Oh cool didn't know you guys liked heavy shit. I assumed you guys would like some trendy rap or something. That band had a total meshuggah – rational gaze sound going. When is this show on live?

  4. People have no clue that the medical scene is FULL of people investing heavily in anti legalization lobbying. Don't even support multi million dollar "wellness centers" or whatever you want to call them, and especially don't allow them into cannabis cups(non hightimes included), because a lot of people strictly for recreational legalization are unknowingly directly supporting anti legalization. this info is not easy to find though so don't expect to google it and get results.

    On the opposite side, people have no idea that the group "the campaign to regulate marijauan like alcohol" is THE group to give money to get weed legalized. They are a pro recreational lobby group and were a MAJOR factor in the legalization in CO and WA, but no one in the breeder scene has even heard of them it seems. I think they at least deserve thank yous, or even a facebook like

  5. Does anyone question if Monsanto created autoflower strains, or isn't able to buy the rights to ruderalis? becasuse theey could destroy all breeders with auto strains if the all of a sudden were like "youre stealing our genetics" which is what I understand they already do in a lot of ways

    wait DuPont… aren't they the REAL guys that got cannabis criminalized through a massive smear campaign. now DuPont wants it legalized?

  6. the cup will never move to cali or the usa sorry guys……….your laws stop many ppl in europe who have a simple possession charge traveling…..Many EU based breeders and ppl who are affiliated with the cup in Dam simply wouldn't be able to attend  if in USA

  7. Cedar rapids Iowa cargill penford flooded so bad in 07 flood could not b good for the environment. On a lighter sub hey Mitch we rock the same rasta cross!!! Passionate show Mitch! Keep kick n the knowledge

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