1. Apologize for your Newest FAILURE of an album!!! Your "band" is officially DEAD … an irrelevant, marketing-niche-pandering, trendhopping JOKE! A cast of hasbeens and never-will-bes!!! Since Burn My Eyes, NO entire albums qualify … only spot songs, here & there … a handful or larger-sized handful, but in no way a complete album.

    Now, there are NO quality songs on this entire wretched, emo-tinged album! Only recurring bittersweet laughs, hearing how you've disintegrated while knowing what COULD have been. There are only mere MOMENTS of exceptional musical proficiency … seamlessness cohesion NO LONGER possible, forsaken by the emo whining, Limp Bizkit vocal delivery, & songwriting bastardization of label-led-lapdog/bitchboy Rob.

  2. lol thats what u get for making bullshitalbums liek catharsis:DDD:D:D:D:DDD this wouldnyt have happen if new album was the blackening 2 or burn my eyes 2 xD no sympathy for u! i used 2 b best fan of machinehead ever but now i cannot no longer be fan because of shitty new album lol

  3. Mate for the last twenty odd years you've gone on stage and put those lungs through hell come rain or shine. If you say you physically cannot carry on, I'll take it as a fact that you've hit an obstacle outside of your control that no vocalist on this planet could overcome. Rest up dude.

  4. Get well Robb!!! You killed it at killian on command!!! I was there!! Great to see vio-lence on stage and showing love to sean!! Love the new album!! 🤘❤️

  5. Get well brother! Hope you can get back to those folks soon! Was at the Boston show and y'all absolutely crushed it! 24 songs. Most songs i've seen by one band at one show.

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