People High On Molly Compilation – Very Funny !!! hell of a drug

People High On Molly Compilation – Very Funny !!! hell of a drug People High On Molly Compilation – Very Funny !!! hell of a drug.


  1. This is mdma usually with alcohol. Mix the two and it become polyphasic. From chilled to full retard…..the later is where you get punched out for being a pain in public.

  2. Someone educate me for a sec: is E the same thing as Molly? Because I have friends who say yeah and some who say no they're two different things and idk who's lying to me! Lol

    Edit: personally I'm inclined to think that they're different because I've taken E a couple times years ago (or what I was told to be E at least) and I definitely was feeling great but wasn't acting this crazy like these people I was like the very last guy not going crazy but constant smile and eyes wide open lol then again maybe the ones I had weren't as potent? Idk

  3. I remember my first time trying it my first thoughts are listed here: it's kinda chilly in here. This conversation is so interesting all of a sudden. OMFG THAT WAS THE BEST HUG IV EVER HAD!! Damn my muscles are so relaxed right now Dude IV got gloves upstairs you Wana box? That sounds cool AF

  4. Funny seeing a bunch of these dumb mf in the comments “this isn’t mdma” “anyone knows this isn’t mdma” idk why you idiots be getting high in the first place half of yall still young asf

  5. I feel like 90% or even higher on something else.. like ALCHOOL.. thats what alchool does when "you're gone" esp… mixing with other narcotics.. molly(exstacy) is reverently safe consumed by itselfs, taking ino account the individual..

    p.s does anyone agree the war on drugs should change? I mean an addiction is their escape from reality, Usa holds the most drug addicts in the world yet.. their rehabilitations don't work.. why is that you make ask? thats cause private companys make money of inmates..

    Don't believe me? do your research
    oh wait.. you won't.Why i ask? that's cause most of y'all it dont effect and turn a blind eye untll it happens to either you, or a really close family member.
    let's not judje.. let's try out best to help our society.
    For the sake of or children..

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