1. New comment let's see if this works for me. I'm 210 drank one bottle took 2 nician and drank alot of water and popped a B12 gonna wait and hour in half before I test myself fingers crossed

  2. I used this to pass my dot drug test for school. I did pass Im in school as we speak. My advice is don't follow the directions. They're dumb. Drink one to two bottles depending on your weight on an empty tummy and drink water till your pee begins to clear up. Id buy a dollar drug test and test yourself every 1 hour or so until its negative. It will eventually go negative because your diluting your urine and make sure you take 3 or 4 b12 vitamins to give the urine its yellow color again and if you want to go the extra mile like me take 1 niacin pill. The drinks contain a ton of creatine this is because When your urine is tested they do a creatine metabolite test to check for dilution. As long as its detected you'll pass no problems. Time the drinking of this stuff so when you do test negative at home you can shoot straight to your testing site. All quick fixes rely on dilution and the pills or drinks on an empty tummy floods your urine tract with creatine and certain other vitamins. Again. Empty tummy. All you want going through your system is a ton of water and whatever quick fix you drank or swallowed. Good luck guys.

  3. Never failed a test on this and im 250. I take one bottle maybe 2 depending on the test. I recently did a mouth swab and feeling a little shakey because i smoked a blunt the morning b4.. I'll keep Yall updated tho. Note last time i almost failed after waiting 4 1/2 hrs after taking [only last 5hrs] the line was really faint but still counted as negative.[pee test]

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