1. Hey Leda! Thanks for your videos. Off subject, but always admired your kitchen/background. Would you mind showing us a little of your living space? I’m sure we’d all enjoy it! Thanks.

  2. FYI this is exactly what I’ve been looking for and payday I’m going to your Amazon link store and I’m buying it or sooner if I can! This is exactly what I’m looking for for a lot of reasons maybe this will solve three problems in one🤷🏽‍♀️Thanks for the info❣️😃

  3. Thanks for this review Leda! I have very dry sensitive eyes and I've tried different mascaras that are meant to be for sensitive eye but they all seem to irritate me. However I've never heard of this company aaaannddd never found a mascara that has all those natural ingredients. I'm going to check it out!!

  4. Your lashes don’t look very long without the mascara. Seems like it’s just lengthening them when you apply it. Were your lashes shorter with no mascara before ever using this?

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