1. Seriously, I so look forward to your live streams, daily. Your answer was polite and to the point. You don't have to watch, I will and many agree with me!! Keep up the great work dude.

  2. I would say that live streams are a brave way to do videos because you can't fix mistakes if you fuck something up so whomever said live streams were due to laziness needs to change his or her perspective

  3. Dude, I watch your videos all the time. Thanks for the info and the entertainment. I love the strain reviews especially but I wanted to say something after I heard someone was giving you shit.

  4. JJ dont even worry about that kind of stuff. If they feel its boring they can find another channel. I watch your live videos even when I miss them. Your a cool dude and I enjoy the content. Keep it coming man!

  5. Hey JJ! Why don't you choose days an hours and stream on a regular basis this way we will be able to be live with you!!! I saw the last straincentral vid and he said he have issues with YT?!!! He said only weedtubers have some!!!
    Do you know Mr B's greentrees??? Did you ever tried it??? Looks like a very efficient soil amendment!!! I love simple and effective nutes…you just mix it with SOILKING Bigrootz and some beneficial fungus and add only water all along to get awesome results!
    It would be great if you could make NUTES review…I bet you get free nutes sample in cannabis events so if you can talk about your favourite it would be really appreciated!!!
    Did you ever tried coco medium?
    Have a lifted one

  6. I love your live streams, whether or not I actually catch it when it's live. They are neither boring, nor lazy! Some people just have a bug up their ass, man. Don't stop streaming, there are a lot of us counting on the #KitchenKrew for our daily interaction.

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