Medical Marijuana Garden Tour

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  1. Man bro, hell of an outdoor garden, are you in Oregon, Cali maybe. I'm finishing my outdoor up here in CT, always a race against the cold that October brings. Really short outdoor season here in the northeast, we have that small window from May to October.

  2. Plant are looking great! Hope the rain god holds off, mold can be really bad, I lived I S.W. Oregon, and found out the hard way. Maybe you can devise a tripod for each plant with a plastic tarp to keep off heavy rain.

  3. Plants look stellar, really nice!! Hope you do a video on what you did to try and cover them those details would be greatly appreciated. Hope all is well brother thanks for sharing!!

  4. The management associated with Septoria of tomato is very similar to that of Septoria cannabis. To avoid this disease, you must eliminate survival structures which are dead and decaying leaves or organic matter around the area which you are growing.[6] Sanitation of your growing area can make all of the difference when battling diseases of any nature. Many diseases like Septoria thrive in an area that provides excess decaying material, by removing dead leaves you are leaving the disease with less survival structures. Since Septoria relies on the proximity of suitable hosts, increasing the spacing of your cannabis plants and rotating crops annually will decrease the likelihood that the disease will move next door.[6] The use of fungicides (Bordeaux Mixture, or Daconil 2787)[5] are also applicable when the disease has infected your plants. Good practices such as avoiding overhead irrigation, especially before dusk, will decrease the amount of stagnant water on your leaves that can trap windblown conidia spores. Eliminating survival structures that ascospores rely on is the most important aspect in disease control for Septoria and this can be accomplished by covering your growing area in mulch or burying/disposing plant debris.

  5. Hopefully your neighbors are cool with what your doing. I always worried about what my neighbors and or kids would do. That's why I always preferred indoor growing. Looking forward to see the outcome of the Spectrum King's .

  6. Manganese deficiency primarily. Though it really looks like there are multiple deficiencies. Perhaps she has specific extra needs or there may be or have been a pH issue

  7. If it does rain id love to see how you get around that because I'm having the same problem. Also are you going to do like a start to finish when you harvest i heard you say something about it awhile back. Love the videos:) beautiful garden

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