Live-Stream : Gabapentin for Percocet withdrawal… Let's Chat!

Thanks for being a part of my first live stream. I’ll do another one very soon. I’ll try to announce it ahead of time, and I look forward to seeing you. Peace and love …


  1. I'm on day 18 off of Suboxone. I still only get about 2 hours of sleep a night because I'll wake up with sore knees & ankles. I also still get the jitters. I did use Gabapentin 2 times a day during the first week. But I cut back after that to 1 every other day. It really helps with those awful jitters. But I worry that it's just extending detox. I don't know if the physical effects are still from Suboxone withdrawal or if it's from Gabapentin withdrawal. I like having the Gaba to help me sleep every other night or so when it gets really bad. But if it's causing its own withdrawals, I don't want to take anymore.
    I just can't tell though because if it isn't the Gaba, it does help with the leftover Suboxone withdrawal, so it would take away the symptoms either way.

  2. Great job on your journey! Just went through it myself. I was put on Gabapentin in the facility I was in and was sent home with a prescribed amount for an insane amount of days. 600 x 3 a day. So when I came home I told myself I wouldn’t take it, now withdraws from that. How long did you take it and how long did it take you to get through it? It sucks to go through a withdrawal and then another. Smh. Also, was there anything that helped you? Especially sleeping. This is for the GABA… Stay strong!

  3. I am curious, how do you feel about telling people you are a recovering addict? I have just started work again back at my old place (2 months clean) and have been playing with the idea of telling close-ish work friends… it feels weird to just be like 'yeah I took 3 years off and did nothing' it feels like I can't really make close friends unless I share about myself and really right now my life is centered around recovery…

  4. Jason, I’m sorry that I missed your first livestream. I had to go to my Mom. She’s hospitalized and it’s very very serious. I’m about to lose her. If it wasn’t for that, I would have been here. I’m listening now, and I’ll listen again after I calm down. I’m in a lot of pain right now, because of all this going on.

  5. I'm still taking my antidepressant and my zanax. I think I will always be on a antidepressant however the zanax is a whole other ball game. 😉🙋‍♀️

  6. Good job on your live stream😎 even tho I missed it, I did watch it and I must tell you I learned alot. Thanks for continuing to share your story. Congratulations! Sorry about the nightmare you suffered threw sexual abuse. I'm a survivor of that to(the babysitter). Hang in there, your doing gr8. And remember day by day. I'm still making it and so will you.🙋‍♀️

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