1. 😢😢 I need to get seriously into your videos. I lost 28 years of sobriety. I feel like a complete failure. I am. After finding out my husband had betrayed us for years and years MANY adulteries, physical abuse. horrible verbal abuse. I couldn’t take it anymore. I started drinking slowly. I even felt like I wanted to die from that pain. The man I loved with all my heart totally betrayed our marriage of 42 years. I just want to roll over and die. I’m never felt so empty in my life. I’m trying I’m trying but I can’t undo what has happened – don’t know how to live with it. Funny thing is I only drink between noon and 4 o’clock. I never drink at night.
    Thank you for any prayers my way thank you 😢💔. I am partially disabled, I cannot take walks. I used to walk 4 miles a day. I tried even walking very slowly with a walking cane. It set me back three days in pain. Please pray for me 🙏🏽 Cathy

  2. Tea tastes better and is relaxing with no vomiting and no hangovers. Your right have to change our thoughts to improve/change bad habits. It gets easier and better every day.
    Thanks your help is so valued.

  3. Just starting my journey thank you so much for all your advice fantastic opportunity to start a better version of myself, your honesty and frank approach much appreciated

  4. Haven't drank in 2 months, was a heavy weekend drinker got sick of the social aspect to it every time in a restaurant, birthday, matchday . . . groundhog day effect and bad thoughts, now feel in control of my life I'm doing things I missed doing at the weekend such as playing golf.

  5. I watch at least one of your videos a day. Over 3 months alcohol free now. Thank you very much Kevin! P.S. AA never worked for me. I may have stopped for a while with it in the past, but it was extremely depressing and actually made me feel worse. That was no solution.

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