I Got Busted for a DOT Random Drug & Alcohol Test

I Got Busted for a DOT Random Drug & Alcohol Test Please Share, Like, & Subscribe. I truly do appreciate the support. YTTA Network …


  1. true i smoked a joint and with friends and i had a fork lift accident thought i would pass after a couple weeks didnt now im in treatment for something i only did once in a while its not worth it i lost a month pay

  2. it's not that people are on drugs when they you ask that question. if anything they could be like myself who just recently stopped smoking to get into trucking but wont be able to pass the hair test.

  3. Cbd oil won’t show up positive as long as you have complete THC free eliquid.. I vape too and get super scared n nervous too when my randoms come up too cause just idk be over thinking about that hahaha

  4. Yo another fact video much respect on your accomplishments . I have a question! I’ve been driving locally over a year! I don’t have any OTR ex. does prime offer LP to individuals like my self? Please leave any thoughts you might have?

  5. Well it kind of does matter which test they do. Remember that they may be looking for a new job and while unemployed may smoke weed. Well a hair test will lest positive till the hair fully grows out and is cut which could take 6 months to a year. A heavy marijuana smoker that smokes daily can still test positive for 40 to 120 days depending on the amount smoked daily. Blood test can’t be fooled to my knowledge. But even if someone quits smoking they need to hide a false positive. You stop feeling the affects of smoking within days after quitting but will still test positive.

  6. I don't drink, I don't like the taste of liquor, I'm not the drinking type of person but when I do drink, and if I do drink….😀😅😂🤣

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