How to Fillet a Crappie (Bonus: How to Tell the Difference Between a White and Black Crappie)

Hello folks, this week we have a video for you on how to fillet a crappie. Ivo goes over a simple technique on how to clean your crappie into nice skinless fillets.


  1. I'm from VA but my Dad's from WV, and I was raised pronouncing it crap-E just like you. Everyone around here always got on me for it since they all say crAHppie. First time in 22 years hearing someone outside the family say it like this. Good to see there're others out there! Also, thanks for the video!

  2. Obviously your way works,but very slow if you have a 100 or so to filet,we use electric knife, and don't cut through the skin at end of tail,keep it attached makes removing skin so much eaisier p
    appreciate the explanation about the differences between the two types of crappie,next to walleye crappie are my favorite eating fish,

  3. great for one or two. whan got a hundred plus. no so much. easy breezy. .  need  five guys one on electric knife. don't cut thru tail flop it skin it next station  knife guy cuts out rib cage  feels it checks for bones. goes to wash and bag station. next  guy  keeps adult drinks flowining the fith guy takes pictures. and CLEAN  EVERDAY.  make it a point that all boats . have delivery time. you miss it its on you.  the dudes that are  willining to clean and bag youre  fish got game.  but on a trip  with a 5 am wake up.  so bass guys listen up, appreciate  the creel additions.  crappie  fishin be fun .  but get youre catch in  . 1hr after dark a little late, works been done dinner  being made .  OR CLEAN YOURE OWN DAMM FISH?

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