How to Calculate Flowering Time, Part 2

NOTE: We received a number of comments about the poor sound on the prior version of this video, so we reshot it, with a nicer view of a few 707 Headband from …


  1. I've got my amnisea in 16lt pot day 47 flower and it's looks evil more less all the leaves are going yellow and the buds are so dence I've been told it takes up to 10 weeks but looks more ahead then my pineapple kush supposed to take 7 weeks flower what yous reckon what's the max I flower amnisea haze

  2. I have been studying how to get your plant to FLOWER faster is by first cutting the light Light off your plants KEEP them in the pure dark for 24 to 32hours and then start your 12 to 12 cycle then watch it FLOWER sooner. i here to help with so pointers and ideas. it works!!! Go Green

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