How Cannabinoids Cause Cancer Cells to Die

This is an edited interview of Dennis Hill and Ava Marie from her Spiral Up show. This video was created to demonstrate a possible edit of the footage. Dennis …



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  2. Someone please tell this airhead female that the United States Medical system wants nothing to do with curing cancer because they can't make as much money curing it. They learned their lesson by curing polio and loosing all that money by no longer being able to treat it. My statement may be construed as valid and is illustrated by the nonfunctional links beneath this video. US WON'T ALLOW THIS INFORMATION TO BE DISTRIBUTED.

  3. THC and CBD together, Not just CBD, it has to have THC to kill cancer cells, CBD will not kill cancer, but THC does kill cancer screw the crooked laws of man, make your own medicine and treat yourself πŸ‘

  4. The cell DNA doesn't go haywire for no reason…. its a function of an acid pH laden diet that decreases cell polarity, reduces oxygen and gives insufficient nutrition. Acid foods are dairy meat coffee sugar starch etc. Dietary reform is paramount in addition to CBD.

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  6. Ive watched a terminal stage 4 friend heal himself with cannabis oil. Ive also watched chemo do what it is intended to do which os kill the body from the inside out. Watch Rick Simpson video amd follow his instructions.

  7. to say you have another choice is not good. This seems to work, but do you know if it works for everyone and for multiple types of cancer? People might get their hopes up and avoid regular treatment. I donΒ΄t think you should just throw it out there with out overwhelming evidence that it will in fact cure everyone.

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